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By Gabriel Jones 28.12.2016

Review for Gravity Rush 2 on PlayStation 4

Shortly after the events of Gravity Rush, the "Gravity Princess" Kat, along with her friends Raven and Syd, have found themselves in another fine mess. A massive gravity storm, unlike anything the aerial city Hekseville has ever seen, is rapidly approaching. Before the trio can figure out how to deal with this potentially catastrophic event, they're sucked into a gravity whirlpool, where they're then whisked away to the distant Banga Village. This festive settlement is also being threatened by the Nevi, monstrous beings that have plagued humankind since time immemorial. In Gravity Rush 2, Kat must master new powers to overcome greater odds.

Part of what makes Gravity Rush such a memorable game is that it grasps the importance of restraint. Kat's ability to bend the laws of gravity to her will is an awesome power, but controlling it takes serious effort. It's not as simple as pressing a button and all of her problems are instantly solved. She - and by extension, the player - has to work extra hard in order to achieve success in the side-missions. The high learning curve makes even the minor victories all the sweeter.

The sequel delves further into this wondrous concept by giving Kat two new forms. When she activates her lunar form, the gravity around her all but disappears. She glides through the air, jumps off of walls, and devastates fast moving enemies via teleporting kicks. If Lunar is the feather, then her Jupiter form is the rock. Her diving attacks hit harder than meteors, and she forms everyday objects into huge chunks of pure destruction. All that extra gravity doesn't exactly do wonders for her movement speed. The only thing time she moves faster is when she falls. It's possible to switch between forms at any moment, making Kat the most versatile shifter around. There are numerous other advantages and disadvantages to each form, so it helps to experiment.

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It really can't be said enough about just how awesome these new powers are. Not only do they allow for new techniques, but they also have different movement speeds and other unique qualities. Jumping between floating islands and bounding off of walls in the lunar form is just incredible. It's also interesting how Kat can slide around any object, which could be an effective tool in some side-missions. The Jupiter form allows Kat to dive straight away from danger, only to come back with a crushing counterattack. It's all up to the player, and the enhanced controls have cleaned up some of the more finicky elements of the prequel.

It's also worth mentioning that the antagonists aren't just the weird and vicious Nevi. Humans, whether they're armed with guns or piloting mechs, are bound to get on Kat and Raven's bad side. There are some similarities between both types of adversity, most notably their insistence on having clearly visible weak points. It's up to the player to develop the best course of action for dealing with these new foes. One handy trick is to take the soldier's guns and throw them back, or blindside them by attacking from different angles. As trite as it is to say, the sky's the limit.

Banga Village represents a definite change of scenery from the previous game. Not only does it look like there's a party going on all the time, but there's also colour! Indeed, the sequel's most apparent change is that the world Kat explores is no longer a dozen shades of mud. Everything from the blue skies to the vibrant streets looks positively gorgeous. Much to the delight of vandals everywhere, tents, market stalls, and most everything else that isn't nailed down can be smashed to splinters or hurled into the sky. There are so many other eye-popping details that it's almost overwhelming. To put it simply, a lot more is happening at once. If the demo is any indication, this sequel is going to be quite an impressive showcase for the PlayStation 4.

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Final Thoughts

Gravity Rush 2 looks like it has everything going for it. The controls have been improved, but at the same time not dumbed down. Coming to grips with Kat's new forms and abilities will take practice, but every step, every jump, every shift feels rewarding in and of itself. The depth and nuance in every motion is sure to appeal to gamers looking for a fresh approach to open world action. Fans of the prequel also have the continuing adventures of the likeable cast to look forward to. A potential game of the year contender for 2017 is just a few weeks away.

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Can't wait for this. I should go back to the first game to finish off the DLC missions.


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