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By Adam Riley 14.01.2017

Review for 1-2-Switch on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo likes to bring certain games to its new systems that show off the various new elements of the hardware. Back in the Wii days there was the pack-in Wii Sports, and Wii Play that came with an extra Wii Remote. For Wii U there was Nintendo Land, showing off the various ways to have Off-TV play, bringing together not just four-players on one TV screen, but having a fifth using the GamePad's screen. Now that Nintendo Switch is here, bringing together various aspects of past consoles, there is 1-2-Switch coming at launch, hoping to again make the new hardware as accessible and enjoyable as possible. Cubed3 attended the Nintendo Switch Premiere to check it out…

Have you ever wondered how to milk a cow? How about cracking a safe, or how it would feel to be a samurai? Well, 1-2-Switch is not exactly going to fulfil those exact desires, but it does have mini-games that take on those themes in comical ways that, with the right crowd, will lead to plenty of amusement, in short bursts.

The first trial tested out was showing off how amazing the HD Rumble feature of Nintendo Switch is going to be. Holding just one Joy-Con in-hand and gently tilting from side to side, it was possible to guess how many balls were contained within the on-screen box. Looking at the actual screen was not particularly necessary, other than to see the final result. It was more about closing your eyes and pretending the actual box was being balanced on the palm of your hand, slowly moving it to feel the balls rolling. The sensation was indeed quite shocking because of how realistic it all felt, and the implication for how this can be used in future titles is phenomenal. The mind boggles!

Screenshot for 1-2-Switch on Nintendo Switch

The same rumble technique was used for cracking open a safe by slowly twisting one Joy-Con around in a circular motion, clockwise and anti-clockwise, until a small click could be felt. Sometimes it was so subtle that you ended up fooling yourself into thinking a click had occurred, giving false positives, especially when racing against a competitor to beat them to the loot. Again, the effect was wonderful, with movement being perfectly accurate (none of the jerkiness of the Wii Remote and sensor bar if in poor lighting or if the sensor bar was not placed in the best position).

Other modes showed off how accurate the Joy-Con are, with one having a person swing from an above head height position downward, whilst the other player held the pad cupped in their hand and had to clap over it with the other hand, which when the inner microphone picked up the noise, caused the on-screen character to try and stop the incoming blade. Cue all sorts of bluffing from the sword swinger, trying to catch out the other player, making them clap too quickly or too late. Again, how the inner microphone will be used in future experiences is very intriguing indeed.

Screenshot for 1-2-Switch on Nintendo Switch

The two other trials that were tested during the event were a gun shooting mode, and the now famous milking a cow episode. In the quick draw mini-game, it was all about quick reflexes and accuracy. Holding one Joy-Con pointing towards the floor, the aim was to wait and then, when given the signal, it was first to draw their weapon and hit the trigger button to fire. The game then picked up how quickly the Joy-Con was lifted, who shot first, and exactly what angle it was at when firing, giving a points total depending on how impressive the player was.

This is the accuracy of the Wii Remote Plus taken to a whole new level, and it was great to see Nintendo had been developing the technology in this way, rather than just relying on the old devices. Whether or not Wii Remote and Wii Remote Plus controllers will work with Nintendo Switch is currently unknown, but hopefully they will, tapping into the large market that still has all of the old peripherals.

Screenshot for 1-2-Switch on Nintendo Switch

The same impressive accuracy and comical value was applied to the - also highly embarrassing - milking, where players faced each other and had to mimic the up and down motion of squeezing a cow's udder to extract as much milk as possible. Other than the up and down motion, the two side buttons needed to be pressed in the correct order, with the whole procedure repeated whilst trying to put the other person off by staring into their eyes and pulling funny faces. Hilarity, and a bit of blushing, ensued thanks to the expert woman demonstrating the product… How well that would do down if playing with your granny, is another matter entirely!

Screenshot for 1-2-Switch on Nintendo Switch

Final Thoughts

1-2-Switch is a party game, and its longevity will definitely rely on how much the family enjoys getting round the TV together and having a good time with one another. Solo players may as well ignore this, if the initial impressions are anything to go by, but those hoping to rekindle those exciting nights from back in the Wii days, with friends and family coming together for a bit of a laugh, this is the perfect impulse purchase. Arguably this should be a pack-in rather than sold separately, but Nintendo may well take the Wii Play route and package this with its own extras.









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It'll be fun for all of 30 minutes for a gathering, then back on the shelf it goes to never play again, like those family board games you get at Christmas that you never even take out of the box and end up in the attic.

Highly doubt Wiimotes and such will be compatible with Switch. Looks to break away from the past consoles as much as possible, and probably a good thing to save from all the confusion of the Wii U. Clean break needed.

"HD Rumble" sounds intriguing. Another gimmick, but interesting nonetheless.

( Edited 14.01.2017 16:27 by Azuardo )

Yeah, I was wondering about backwards compatibility and if the Wii Remotes wouldn't be sensitive enough. Just seems sad to ditch it completely. Maybe don't initially advertise it to avoid confusion...but add support anyway. Dunno.

As for HD Rumble - mate, seriously, wait until you feel it. You'll be surprised! The balls in the box mini-game was shocking as you can feel the balls rolling inside, and then gently hitting the edge of the box, one by one, when tilted!

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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I'm hearing some good things about the rumble, and supposedly it is in the Pro controller too? Ross was saying another player could feel Link walking up steps in Zelda. Really curious to try it out and see how else it gets applied.

I find it odd that they would highlight games that don't use the tv screen much. Most people would think "if I don't need a screen to play them, then why do I need a console"? They're just basic party games that anyone could make up to play without a console. 

There's actually quite a bit more depth to them than the trailers show (which is probably not easy to convey). I was quite impressed by how good the tech actually is in the joy cons, after watching the Treehouse Live segment on this game. The IR pointer is really accurate and the HD Rumble is incredible from what I've seen and heard from people that's tried it out. The ball game in particular, as Adam mentioned.

They basically like supercharged mini Wiimotes. Whether they'll get much use or not and in good ways we'll see, but it's really cool and I think the potential is there to be used in really creative ways.


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