New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Nintendo Switch) Preview

By Gabriel Jones 29.12.2018

Review for New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe on Nintendo Switch

Mario and his pals are having a little get-together at Princess Peach's castle. However, just as they are about to dig into some cake, Bowser arrives to crash the party. After crushing his adversaries and hurling them to parts unknown, the Koopa King and his Koopalings take control of the Mushroom Kingdom. What a tragedy. That delicious looking cake is never going to be eaten, is it? Hold down that Y button and get ready to give Bowser his just desserts in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

Whenever there's a demand for a videogame with great mechanics and superb level design, who better to call than the plumbers? That's right, Mario & Luigi are back and they have brought a new friend. This is New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, a double-pack that features two of the best entries in the top notch platforming franchise.

In New Super Mario Bros. U players will hop and bop their way through eight worlds, each more perilous than the last. Castles filled with dreadful traps, haunted manors that boggle the mind; there's no telling what awaits Mario and pals, as they team up to save the kingdom. Only by mastering the flying squirrel suit and a bevy of other abilities can players hope to uncover this land's many secrets. Those who wish to achieve mastery must also take on the Challenge Mode. Imagine countless attempts at beating special courses with the fastest possible time, without defeating enemies, or even without grabbing a single coin. Bask in the success or wallow in failure, as the slightest, most insignificant mistake is enough for the gold medal to slip through your grasp.

Mario is nowhere to be found in New Super Luigi U. Perhaps he's enjoying a long overdue vacation, so it's up to Luigi and his buddies to race the clock in 82 pulse-pounding courses. The locales are familiar, but all of the obstacles have been redesigned. Now, the courses are more demanding, faster-paced, and not afraid to punish anyone who underestimates them. Further adding to the chaos is the fact that although Luigi and Toad can jump higher and farther, they are more prone to skidding than ever. It's almost like they polish their soles with Teflon. Don't blink, or else the heroes will slide into oblivion!

Screenshot for New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe on Nintendo Switch

If all of this sounds just a tad overwhelming, then feel free to call upon Toadette. She's just as adept as anyone when it comes to jumping across platforms and dodging obstacles. Extra lives are also much easier to come by. Instead of hidden 1-up mushrooms, she's more likely to uncover 3-up moons. Still, those benefits pale in comparison to her secret weapon: the super crown. When this wondrous crown is placed upon her head, Toadette becomes Peachette. While mimicking the Princess, Toadette can glide through the air with all the grace of a swan. Think of this outfit as an enhanced flying squirrel suit. Peachette's mobility is unquestionably the best of the entire cast, because she doesn't have to worry about sliding into trouble. Also, if she ever happens to fall into a pit, she will be rescued from certain demise - but only once.

Anyone who decides to upgrade from the Wii U originals to the deluxe version is sure to appreciate the slight, yet noticeable, bump in image quality, as well as the option to select characters. In other words, Player 1 is no longer forced to always play as Mario or Luigi in their respective adventures. The practically invincible Nabbit is now playable in New Super Mario Bros. U. Originally, he was a New Super Luigi U exclusive. A large collection of super-play videos are also available. These are handy for looking up course-specific strategies, or to marvel at high-level play. However, Boost Rush and the Miiverse aren't included in this edition, which is slightly disappointing. It was always amusing to read what other players thought of the more difficult courses.

Screenshot for New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe on Nintendo Switch

Final Thoughts

Veterans and newcomers alike are sure to enjoy yet another visit to the Mushroom Kingdom in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. The included games are just plain fantastic. They capture the perfect balance between nail-biting intensity and family-friendly accessibility. Be sure to visit Cubed3 in the coming weeks for the full review of this thrilling platformer.






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