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By Athanasios 12.02.2021

Review for Oppaidius Desert Island! on PC

Oppaidius is a short series of ecchi visual novels developed by Vittorio Giorgi, which, unlike most games of its ilk, doesn't beat around the bush, and doesn't claim that it's something more than an unabashed love letter to silly, boob-themed comedy. Desert Island! continues the titillating odyssey of the breast-obsessed protagonist (you, basically), where he has ended up on a deserted island, with the girl of his dreams, and her dreamy bosom. Here's a look at what the demo has to offer.

Oppaidius Desert Island! begins right after Tropical Cruise!, were the oppai-fanatic of a protagonist got stranded on an island, along with the ultra-busty singer named Angela. Now, it's important to note that, while basically an eroge-style visual novel, it's not the typical one of its kind, in the sense that, first, it doesn't take itself too seriously, and, second, it doesn't try to hide that this is all about the boobies. It's in the freaking title for Russ Meyer's sake!

In other words, don't expect the hero of this tale to be a man who wants to win the heart of Angela. No, no, no, no, NO. The "plot" here revolves around the breast obsession of this wondrous human being, who just can't stop thinking about Angela's watermelons, ogling at them like a lunatic, instead of, say, trying to survive. They are castaways, after all, in case you forgot…

Screenshot for Oppaidius Desert Island! on PC

Desert Island! does the right thing, and fully embraces the silly side of its "prequels," with the humor being simplistic, and even crass, but purposely so, which is certainly refreshing in a genre where many naughty titles act like they are something more than what they truly are. With that being said, this short demo includes an uncensored sex scene, which was surprising, as previous installments just insinuated that kind of stuff, instead of showing them. In this critic's opinion this shouldn't be here. Oppaidius is a seagull suddenly appearing out of nowhere to "censor" Angela's mammoth breasts while the protagonist is sweating. Porn has no place here.

Hopefully, the full release will go easy on the X-rated elements. Some probably want more of this, but it's probably for the better if this focuses on ecchi-ness, rather than actual sex. More importantly, the final product should also add something new. Desert Island! is a recycling of every single thing from Tropical Cruise!, bar the setting. It's the same few characters (plus one, so far), and the same tunes, just on a beach, instead of a cruise ship. It's a demo, sure, but demos are generally supposed to be a taste of things to come.

Screenshot for Oppaidius Desert Island! on PC

Final Thoughts

With its super-boob-centric, silly comedy, wacky situations, and retro vibe, Oppaidius Desert Island! is more of the same… which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Hopefully the final release will add more characters, embrace its funny side even more, and avoid throwing too much weight on sex scenes.


Vittorio Giorgi (SbargiSoft)


Vittorio Giorgi


Visual Novel



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