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By Eric Ace 12.06.2023

Review for Camp Canyonwood on PC

What seems like a rite of passage for many kids growing up is getting shipped off to summer camp. From here the experiences diverge between whether they were a good time, or just a bad nightmare to forget before going back to school. In Camp Canyonwood, you play one of the adults in charge of getting the place up and running, and taking care of the kids.

It is hard to not view Camp Canyonwood as an obvious homage or clone to Animal Crossing. Every character is a fat bird that waddles around the camp doing things from chopping wood to sleeping. It is very similar in its sandbox style in that there is only a rough end goal presented to the player and mostly a sandbox experience to play in. Players have the objective of trying to bring the camp back to its former glory, mostly through interacting with the various kids that come to the camp.

The graphics are definitely unique, and for the most part they work, with the exception that the characters bounce a little too fast and feel chaotic. Adding to this is the fact everything is controlled by the keyboard/WASD, and many of the tasks require at least some degree of precision, which is frustrating when dealing with the characters' odd speed and control issues.

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Gameplay falls into the general loop of walking around doing tasks, gathering resources and using them to buy or do different things, all the while trying to level up the kids that follow you around. What this means in practice is something that looks more like slave labour of having the kids mine rocks all day or chop wood down for you. It's kind of funny, but also kind of dark if you think about it too much.

As the counsellor, you are supposed to guide them to learn things and watch out for their various stats, like energy and boredom. Often this feels like herding cats as they go running off and you have to track them down. This leads to a current weakness in the controls as the character does not handle that well, and the lack of a mouse really comes into play when trying to assign a kid to mine some rocks keeps accidentally switching to somebody else.

Camp Canyonwood will be liked most by fans of light simulation games that have a bit of strategy/RPG elements to them, but mostly are interested in a sandbox experience. From the graphics to the talking and story, this is a whimsical game - and that should guide someone's interest in it.

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Final Thoughts

At this point, Camp Canyonwood is super early access. Many of the issues will hopefully be ironed out when the actual game comes out, such as the user interface and controls often getting in the way to the point that it detracts from the fun. Regardless, if looking for something to scratch that Animal Crossing itch or you enjoy sim-style games, you may want to keep an eye on this.


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I went to go and see this a few nights ago.. brilliant film.

I'm not sure what to type without spoiling, so I'll wait to see if anyone else has seen it before going off on why its so good.

Put your spoilers in obviously marked areas, please.

Potholing is scary as it is.. Smilie

I saw this on Wednesday with my friend Becky. She was curled up in the seat and watched parts of it through her hands.

Excellent British film, wasn't sure if I was supposed to like it so much or not after all the gore came in, but despite the violence it was an intelligent and pretty psychological film to me. Good way of showing madness, the things were scary and potholing, as you say, was enough to scare me before anything else even happened. I get claustrophobic, it was the perfect setting for the film. The first shocker of the film (within 5 minutes, no less) was NASTY as well.

Well worth seeing, but be warned - it is scary.

Woaaaah. Need to see this with a mate then.

Seeing Fantastic Four and/or Madagascar next week, but again, with mates, to justify sitting beside pre-teenagers.

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