Jewels of the Ages (Nintendo DS) Review

By Adam Riley 22.08.2011

Review for Jewels of the Ages on Nintendo DS

Match-3 puzzle games can become stale after a certain amount of time, especially given how many of them there are in existence. Therefore, it is the task of the developer to attempt to revive the formula, bringing in as many new ideas as possible to keep everything as fresh as possible. After success with Jewels of the Lost Tropical Island, City Interactive is back with its successor, Jewels of the Ages for Nintendo DS.

Having played a number of Match-3 puzzle games this year, it seems like there has been somewhat of an overload. Jewel Link Chronicles: Legend of Athena, Jewel Time Deluxe, and Jewel Legends: Tree of Life, it is difficult to pick one specific game from the pack and deliver the verdict of ‘must-buy’. City Interactive, however, has made the decision slightly easier by serving up a masterful new entry into the genre, with Jewels of the Ages not offering one, but two full games in the same package; Jewels of the Ancient Pharaohs and Jewels of Olympus.

Though both play using the same mechanic of matching three or more of the same coloured item either horizontally or vertically merely by switching the positions of two adjacent tiles, the two themes are an interesting approach. Each game within Jewels of the Ages comes with its own story, and the ability to watch as the respective lead character levels-up as more points are accrued over the numerous puzzle-filled stages. Jewels of Olympus and Jewels of the Ancient Pharaohs provide small snippets of story before each level commences. Whilst clearing stages along the way is not exactly tied into the story, it helps to increase the engagement level for those wanting a purpose behind all the puzzling shenanigans.

City Interactive appears to have taken Jewels of the Lost Tropical Island and considerably polished the game up, with brighter, clearer visuals throughout and in-game music that surprisingly does not grow old after long periods of play-time. As players travel with Odysseus, helping to conquer the city of Troy, or take the branch that involves ending the Pharaoh’s ancient curse, there are set objectives stated after the small story update and before delving into the stage itself. These vary from simply collecting a set number of one particular item, to move specific items around the playing field until they are placed in designated slots. Others include changing the colour of every field by clearing tiles across the entire area, or defeating monsters by clearing three-or-more weapons that have been mixed amongst the usual items.

Over the 125 levels and six different game modes, players must make best use of the three power-ups that become available the higher the lead character’s ranking reaches, with each of the three then filling up gradually as tiles of their individual colour are cleared. Jewels of the Ages proves to be immense fun and definitely edges slightly above both its predecessor, Jewels of the Lost Tropical Island, as well as Avanquest UK’s high-selling Jewel Link Chronicles: Legend of Athena.

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Jewels of the Ages proves to be one of, if not the best Match 3 release on Nintendo DS so far. City Interactive has successfully taken the formula from its previous release, Jewels of the Lost Tropical Island, and tweaked it sufficiently to produce a highly entertaining puzzle game that will appeal to all.









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