50 Classic Games (Nintendo 3DS) Review

By Adam Riley 11.02.2013

Review for 50 Classic Games on Nintendo 3DS

cerasus.media has included all sorts of mini-games in its various Hidden Object-led titles over the years and the company has decided to compile a large variety of these into one package for the Nintendo 3DS. However, whilst charming as side attractions during an adventure, do these mini-games have the same alluring qualities when brought together for 50 Classic Games?

The sad matter of fact is that whilst 50 Classic Games attempts to convince gamers to make what looks like an essential purchase for fun to be had with friends and family, it is not actually "endless hours of puzzle, card and board game fun in stunning 3D!" For every enjoyable 'Battle on the Sea' (Battleships, but clearly without the license for the name), 'Hearts,' 'Air Hockey,' and 'Chess,' there are several others that are either completely pointless ('Slot Machine' that is nothing more than constantly tapping the machine's arm for no reason other than to gain more credits that are not saved in a high score table), extremely boring ('Shell Game' where money is bet - again with no purpose or goal - to see if the player can guess where the pearl is after the mussel shells have switched around), or poorly executed (a variations on Match-3 puzzlers, a bubble-bursting Bust-A-Move copycat).

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That is not to say there is no enjoyment to be had, though, since many will love playing Chess, Mahjongg, Sudoku, Backgammon, Texas Hold 'Em Poker, Solitaire, Spot the Difference, slide puzzles, darts, and much more. The real shame comes from how some games are set against the clock, others have currency to 'bet' with, points to amass, and so on, yet there is absolutely no reason to keep on plugging away at any of these games since there are no scoreboards, online leader-boards, multiplayer versions included. It is a simple case of sitting alone, working through each and every one of the little games in the package, perhaps every now-and-then passing the 3DS to a friend or family member to let them try whilst watching over their shoulder. In the US, under publisher Maximum Family Games' guidance, 50 Classic Games has 3D tagged onto the end of its name. Whilst the 3D is surprisingly good for this type of collection, it does not add anything to the overall experience, which is possibly why Avanquest UK / GSP ditched that part. This game could have been so much better with just a little more effort.

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50 Classic Games on Nintendo 3DS shows that cerasus.media definitely knows how to collect an intriguing bunch of family favourites from over the years. However, with no multiplayer options, no online features, and in some cases no reason to even challenge certain 'attractions,' it means that what was potentially a must-have compilation of classics instead turns out to be a mish-mash of styles that merely passes the time but lacks the draw for long-term play with friends and family.

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