Bubble Pop World (Nintendo 3DS) Review

By Joseph Walsh 10.11.2014

Review for Bubble Pop World on Nintendo 3DS

When the 3DS was first unveiled at E3 in 2010, much was made about whether its 3D feature would change the way games would be played or if it would quickly become a failed gimmick. That debate rages on today as the 3DS continues to evolve and adapt to the consumers' needs. Less fortunate and somewhat sidelined, is what was arguably the 3DS' most exciting and game changing mechanic - Augmented Reality. Ever since the 3DS launched with its packed in AR games, both developers and publishers have forgotten - or ignored - what could have been the portable's unsung hero.

Fast-forward to 2014 and game developer Cypronia Sro has taken it upon itself to develop the aquatically-themed puzzle game, Bubble Pop World, in an honest attempt to try and build on the neglected AR space.

At its heart, this is a puzzle title with a selection of mini-games that follow after each completed level and, upon first glance, it appears to be little more than a Puzzle Bobble clone with tacked on AR functionality. In arcade mode, the key objective is to clear over 60 levels, with each being made up of underwater architectures. Every structure is made up of various coloured bubbles and the objective is to clear all of them from the screen by aligning three of the same shade in a row.

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As new stages are unlocked, black and white bubbles enter the fray, each having a different effect on how levels are approached and tackled. Strategically misplacing shots and then creating chains can engineer long and satisfying combos, followed by an influx of trophies that will litter the screen, depending on the size of the combo. The difference between this and other puzzlers, of course, is its AR functionally and it's with this inclusion that Bubble Pop World deserves most praise for at least attempting to innovate in one of gaming's oldest genres. By placing the AR card on a surface, levels can be cleared by physically panning around structures and firing bubbles towards their desired targets. The playing field can also be manipulated by using the analogue stick, a nice touch for when trying to enjoy the experience in an area with limited space. Continue to misplace shots and bubbles will be added to the structure as a way of paying a penalty. However, clear the level and coins will be added to an in-game account, which can be used to purchase four different power-ups, each designed to obliterate bubbles when stages prove too difficult.

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Bubble Pop World is a fun game - for a while - and is a much-needed injection into the heart of AR gaming. However, rather than being the fully fledged AR title that the 3DS' library so badly needs, this feels like nothing more than a concept, just begging for a bit more development time to be the final product that it could have been. An appreciated effort then, yet easily forgotten.









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