Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 (Nintendo 3DS) Review

By Liam Cook 06.07.2015

Review for Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 on Nintendo 3DS

Back in 2011, Koei Tecmo released Samurai Warriors Chronicles as one of the 3DS' launch titles and it was a great way for players to dip their toes in the hack-n-slash genre. Then a year later, it released the Japan-only title, Sengoku Musou Chronicle 2nd, which was just a revamped version of the original title and not a sequel. Although Western fans of the series missed out on the upgraded version of Chronicles, Koei Tecmo has treated them by releasing Chronicles 3 on both the 3DS and Vita, even if it is only available on the eShop and PSN store.

Unlike its Japan-exclusive predecessor, Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 is a brand new entry in the spin-off series, featuring a new Challenge Mode and several alternate scenarios for fans to indulge themselves in.

The first thing to do when starting up the game for the first time is to create a custom protagonist who will be used in both the Chronicles and Challenge mode. It's similar to the character customisation found in earlier Warriors games, with enough wacky accessories to make a warrior that really stands out amongst the ranks.

The Chronicles mode is the main meat of the package, with several historical battles for players to slash their way through, as well as a LOT of dialogue in-between scenarios, with a few minor decisions to be made in order to raise Fame with other characters; a friendship system implemented to increase trust between the main protagonist and other individuals. Fame can be earned by choosing the most positive responses in the dialogue sequences and also by inviting fellow samurai to tea parties (yeah, that's right. Warrior tea parties are a thing…).

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Raising Fame with characters will allow them to be used when replaying any Chronicles scenario and also unlock alternate scenarios for the player to experience, which then branches out into an alternate history.

Like Samurai Warriors Chronicles, each scenario is played out with up to four characters available to switch to on the fly, with the custom character always being present. This leads to slight problems as the story progresses, since newcomers start at Level 1 when they first join the group, making it harder to take out enemy generals due to these new characters being weaker. This is an odd change considering that in the first entry new characters would scale with the custom warrior's level, balancing things out. Saying that, it's not entirely bad, as having four playable characters makes management of the battlefield a lot easier, especially due to the fact that the touch screen can be used to give commands to warriors that aren't currently in play.

Perhaps the best addition to this instalment is the Challenge Mode, which is essentially a score attack mode of sorts, as it puts gamers in a battle where they must complete as many objectives as possible and reach the exit before the time runs out. More time can be earnt by completing objectives and it really pays to use the four characters in the best way possible to complete multiple tasks simultaneously for the best results. Speaking of which, these results can be shared online, making this mode an essential inclusion for those who enjoy battling for the top spot on the leaderboards. Entrants that place high in the rankings are also rewarded with additional items and gold.

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Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 is better than the first entry in every way, apart from the minor nuance regarding the level system for newly introduced characters. Whilst it may not be as polished as most games on the system, it's definitely worth checking out for anyone craving some hack 'n slash action on their 3DS.


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