Knights of Pen and Paper II: Here Be Dragons (PC) Review

By Izzy Lichi 10.02.2016

Review for Knights of Pen and Paper II: Here Be Dragons on PC

Knights of Pen and Paper II: Here Be Dragons is a role-playing game created and developed by Kyy Games, where players choose to create custom characters all themed after high school style personalities, combined with classic Dungeons and Dragons class roles. However, unlike a real Sunday night adventure of classic table top pen and paper roleplaying this won't entice any character rerolls.

Knights of Pen And Paper II: Here Be Dragons seems to take no effort in camouflaging a direct attempt at emulating the idea of merging the actual look of table top RPG role-playing, but at the same time, as a traditional videogame RPG. The characters that the player makes are depicted as actual people playing the board game, all found sitting at a table with the "Dungeon Master."

This is a very unique design approach, but at times seems kind of redundant. Minimal Animation is found in combat, and characters simply stand up from their chair and a quick magical animation represents the target being hit. Mostly all the visuals are singular background stills that vary from area to area.

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Although the visuals of the game and the combat itself aren't anything spectacular, the flow of combat and overall mechanics is very fast and on point. Various classes and races are available to create enticing strategies to survive and lay waste to creatures, such as the classic Warrior tank build, complimented by a Cleric to provide healing skills for survival. All the classic roles that genre lovers search for are certainly present here.

Knights of Pen and Paper II is a rather short experience, though, especially when compared to its predecessor. This expansion's content, however, adds several additions to improve the longevity, such as a new dungeon campaign, the knight class, and extended skill caps and recipes.

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Knights of Pen and Paper II: Here Be Dragons is a rather repetitive and subpar turn-based RPG, which is being held back by its own design concepts. What may seem like an amusing idea of emulating classic Sunday night style Table Top role-playing, quickly turns out to be a let-down since the actual experience only works when it's genuine. The pen was not mightier than the sword in this case, and swords slice through paper, therefore, Knights made of pen and paper may not be the most viable option.






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