NekoPara Vol. 1 (PC) Review

By Athanasios 12.03.2016

Review for NekoPara Vol. 1 on PC

For many gamers, graphic novels are amongst the most hated of videogame genres imaginable, partly because of their lack in interactivity, but mostly because of an overuse of several tropes, with the vast majority of them being generic lovey-dovey stories with stereotypical characters, ridiculously melodramatic writing, and a focus on "naughty" scenes rather than an actual plot. Of course, similar to anime/manga, there is a great deal of high quality material underneath the garbage… too bad one has to pass through titles like NEKOPARA Vol. 0 and Vol. 1 to get there; titles where naughtiness isn't just the main deal, but the only deal.

In many ways, this review, along with any other one written about NEKOPARA Vol. 1, is useless. Why? Well, because this targets a very specific demographic that only cares about one thing, which, apart from a certain element that will be addressed later, is exactly what's offered here. What's that? Cats, or, more specifically, cute, sexy, and very, very lustful cat-girls, or Nekos. Truly, those looking for a Neko paradise should look no further. This is it. The Promised Land.

The plot revolves around patisserie owner Kashou Minazuki and his cat-girl harem, which, frankly, looks great. Everything is colourful and decorated with ribbons and… more ribbons, and, through the use of the E-Mote system, everything slightly animates - especially cat-funbags, evident by the existence of the breast bouncing meter(!?). Note, that this is a kinetic visual novel, therefore, besides being able to press 'P' - for pervert? - to make on-screen characters jump (and bounce), just set the auto-reading speed to something that feels comfortable, and enjoy the show… Just don't expect anything that could resemble a plot to make an appearance anytime soon.

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All that happens throughout this eight-hour journey is this: Chocola and Vanilla do silly stuff, then they start feeling a bit… hot, and they have sex with Kashou; rinse and repeat, with a couple of more cat-girls appearing after a while to add their own silliness to the mix. Being a slice-of-life VN, this simplicity should not really matter, right? Wrong! Azumanga Daioh is an anime series where nothing really ever happens, but it is absolutely fantastic. Why? There are many reasons, but the main one is the fact that it is hilarious.

NEKOPARA Vol. 1, like many eroge out there, makes one big mistake: it takes itself way too seriously. It tries to explain many things about nekos, how society treats them, as well as how they react to humans, amongst others… but it's all boring as hell. How on Earth is spending 10 minutes reading about the importance of nekos wearing bells anywhere near interesting? Does it make the whole thing more immersive? Is this funny in any way?

No, no, and no. This is nothing more than a fetish item. Those seeking a game where every sentence goes something like "Master, I'm sorry," "Master, kiss me," or "Master! Uuuwahh!!," those seeking a place to watch well-drawn anime cat-girls wear maid costumes and bounce their… personalities, and those seeking to read about implied cat-girl-on-human sex (since the Steam version has no nudity), should look no further, because this is exactly what the title says: a neko paradise - and a nightmare for everyone else.

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Kittens doing cute kitten stuff: funny? Yes. More than five hours of the same thing, though? Not really. Even for the low standards of the visual novel genre, NEKOPARA Vol. 1 is as far away from what a videogame is supposed to be as can be. The plot does not exist, for the simple fact that this is just an excuse to have virtual sex(?) with nekos - but without any sex scenes, unless willing to pay a bunch of money in order to patch this up and get to ogle at some anime coconuts.




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