Sorcery! Part 3 (PC) Review

By Ian Soltes 17.04.2016

Review for Sorcery! Part 3 on PC

Adventure games are pretty "fringe" in gaming these days. Once the realm of text adventures, now even the standard "point and click" stuff looks trite compared to games like Sorcery!. The genre fell by the wayside, and then an artfully and masterfully created series rose from doldrums. That series was the Sorcery! series, but can lighting strike the same place three times? Cubed3 sinks in to answer.

With Sorcery! Part 3, it's hard to find something to praise that hasn't already been celebrated in its prior instalments. In fact, many elements from the prior game (such as the unique graphical style involving beautiful, hand-drawn, paper-like art, and the lovely way the game can be rewound so that a previous decision that turned out badly can be changed) have returned. The combat, which involves reading visual clues and moving a slider to guard and attack, and the spell system that depends upon the constellations and leaves a constantly differing set of available abilities, has returned as well. All is wonderful, because the developers weren't bumbling fools, and actually knew how to make a game interesting. The challenge isn't in beating the foe, but in figuring out how to do it while taking no damage, and deciding if it's worth it to retry. The spells are potent, but require some knowledge to properly use.

Most who have played the first two parts will know exactly what to expect upon arrival, but people new to the series (if for some reason 1 and 2 were skipped before playing 3) will be left confused. This is not surprising. It is the third part of the series and picks up right where the second part left off, with the hero having escaped the most annoying and deadly city possible., which will leave newcomers lost.

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What is actually new in this installment? Sorcery! Part 3 has a world that is more open than before. Just as with previous entries, it is still possible to rewind time on a whim, and this can be very useful, since there is an open world to explore while hunting down seven hiding serpents, and it's especially valuable to perfectionists who must kill all the serpents. It is not a bad idea, either, though the game can be beaten without utilising the feature.

The world is immersive, detailed, and enjoyable. Even the most seemingly-menial tasks are engaging and provide enjoyment. Just as before, this game is effectively a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book in game format, and it's quite an adventure indeed.

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Rated 7 out of 10

With the involved and great story, lovely art, and multiple paths and outcomes, there is little doubt as to the quality of the game. It is a wonderful story, packaged up as the third part in a much larger, epic tale. It feels a bit short at times, but makes up for it with multiple paths and several ways to handle situations.






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