Kumoon: Ballistic Physics Puzzle (PC) Review

By Thom Compton 21.05.2016

Review for Kumoon: Ballistic Physics Puzzle on PC

Facilities seem to be dangerous places. From the stoic evil hidden in Aperture Science in Portal to the psychologically damaging labyrinth that is Q.U.B.E, it seems that scientific research always leads to malevolence. Well, Kumoon: Ballistic Physics Puzzle seems to be a much more adorable series of scientific tests.

Kumoon tasks the player with knocking down stacks of blocks or knocking them around. Essentially, the player's objective is to touch every single block in any given test chamber. The player does this by firing spheres at the cubes with a small chibi-esque robot. The player needs to build combos by hitting as many blocks as possible per shot, as it's not enough to touch every block. You must also garner a specific high score, which is done by chaining strikes together. The game's incredibly realistic physics ensure this is engaging...for a while.

Everything about the game seems to hinge on simplicity, but the puzzles do a lot to keep things from becoming mundane. The controls are easy to grasp, and the concept is simple enough to understand, but each puzzle seamlessly builds on the one before it. The game never gets too difficult, which often leads to a feeling of tedium. A lot of the simplicity bleeds into the puzzle structure, and even the most varied puzzles feel too easy.

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The test chambers are definitely varied, but the majority of the difficulty ramp-up comes from the layout of boxes, as opposed to the introduction of new types of boxes. The repetition is not only clearly evident, but a huge stain on an otherwise interesting twist on titles like Boom Blox. There's plenty of variety though. For instance, there are three difficulty levels, and the game features support for VR.

Graphically, the game is rather bland. The boxes all give off a distinct Tron vibe, and every room looks like a generic warehouse. The little robot you pilot is fairly adorable, but even it manages to look mundane, even if it's not as mundane as its surroundings. Really, the game is a series of tests that never reach any critical plateau, in the presence of very safe art work. While the idea is somewhat interesting, it never progresses beyond that, instead serving a series of incredibly similar experiences with slightly different dressings.

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Kumoon would make an excellent training program for better physics in gaming. Everything else seems bland and uninspired, and leaves the game a collection of objectives that are somewhat fun to complete, but not for too long. Kumoon: Ballistic Physics Puzzle is simply a long exercise in tedium. Even if the puzzles were more varied, it may not make up for how boring the rest of the experience is.


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