Mind Zero (PC) Review

By David Lovato 27.06.2016

Review for Mind Zero on PC

Released for the PS Vita in 2013, ZeroDiv and Acquire's Mind Zero made its way to PC in March of 2016 after a successful Steam Greenlight campaign. Blending elements of dungeon crawlers, RPGs, and visual novels, it feels heavily inspired by various Atlus titles like Shin Megami Tensei and Etrian Odyssey, perhaps to a fault.

Mind Zero draws from familiar game and anime plots and elements. It begins like a standard visual novel, with 2D representations of characters placed over backgrounds. These images vary slightly to reflect characters' moods, but on the whole are mostly static. Some animations are present, like falling rain, but they look flat and uninspired. Battles are livelier, with 3D renders of characters and monsters acting out the turn-based action, but for a game on PS Vita and now PC, the models are lacking in detail. Characters are voiced well enough, which is one of the highlights of the game.

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Dungeon crawling is first-person, but the dungeons themselves are boring and empty-looking, like a series of flat cubes. The controls are somewhat clunky and it's easy to tell the game wasn't made with PC in mind, but they do get the job done. The visual resolution is small, and forcing it to go full-screen stretches things out and leaves jagged edges, especially around the 2D character cutouts. On the whole, Mind Zero feels like a hasty, low-effort port. This is particularly unfortunate because the game seems hasty and low-effort in the first place; it brings nothing of its own to the table, instead feeling like parts of established games and plots have been cobbled together into something slightly different.

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Problems with graphics and controls are hard to overlook, and there's no denying that this feels less inspired and more lifted from other series, although fans of those might still find it fun to play. Its gameplay elements are solid enough, despite being unoriginal, and overall the game does run and play well. There's nothing special about it, but besides the resolution and maybe the dungeon design, there's nothing unforgiveable about it, either. Mind Zero doesn't fail, but it also doesn't exactly try to escape the shadow of the titles it was clearly influenced by.






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