Wario Ware Twisted! (Game Boy Advance) Review

By Phil Beveridge 25.01.2006

Review for Wario Ware Twisted! on Game Boy Advance

The 'Wario Ware' series has been an important part of Nintendo over the past few years. The quirkiness of the original GBA game and it's three-second minigames made it one of the console's must-have games. The GameCube port's multiplayer aspect made it a perfect game, and the DS launch version gave people a new way to interact with the game, beautifully incorporating the touch screen of the DS. And now, Wario Ware Twisted! is here, designed to show people what the 'Nintendo Difference' really is. But can it live up to the reputation the previous games have laid down for it?

Wario is back again, and is out to make even more money (like he doesn't have enough yet!) with another evil 'get-rich-quick' scheme! After throwing a tantrum with his Game Boy Advance and smashing it against the wall, he calls to the home of the local inventor, Dr. Crygor, and demands it to be fixed. By putting it throughout his new machine, the 'Gravitator', a new handheld is invented, making the user turn the console to control the game. Realising what Wario had in his greedy little hands, he calls to Mona, 9-Volt, and the rest of the gang, eager to create new games for the system... and this is where you come into it. You're the tester.

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Before we start, there's one thing that we need to discuss: the most interesting and important part of this game is it's very unique control mechanism (which you can't miss, there's a huge lump that sticks out the cartridge slot). Using Nintendo's new gyroscopic technology built into the cart, the player only has to tilt the GBA or DS hardware in order to control the minigame. This also is incorporated into the menu system, meaning this is one of the first GBA games not to use the D-pad for control at all. Surprisingly, I found the gyro very easy to control (imagine a pole was fixed to the back of the console, and you turned it like a steering wheel). Also included in the cartridge is a small rumble pack, giving each menu option a satisfying 'click' as you scroll through.

The gameplay is very similar to all the other versions. You receive 4 lives, and battle your way through hundreds of mini-games in order to unlock new modes and get high scores. It may be an old formula, but it still works superbly with this new version. The games are still grouped in categories, but this time by control. For example, one group of games will require you to use small gyroscope movements, while another needs you to spin the hardware like there's no tomorrow. The games are well developed, and all make use of the technology in different ways, from racing games, NES classics 'gyroscopified', or changing the direction of gravity of make objects fall or rise. Genius.

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But what next when you manage to complete the last set of minigames and see the credits screen scroll past your eyes? And to be honest, once you get the hang of the control system, it really won't be that long until you reach this stage. For most games, this would be the final thing you do, and you would never touch the game again... but not Wario Ware Twisted! You could play through the minigame index, as like before, each separate game has a certain high score to get to 100% completion. But, in my opinion, this can be tiresome and boring, what with 200 minigames to play through. However, this is where the souvenir system comes into play.

You get a small souvenir every time you complete a boss stage in the main story mode, which is very reminiscent of the gashapon figure machines you see so often in Japan. These items range from the useful, to the weird and wacky. It may be a grater, a globe, a doll, a timer, or even another full game in itself. They're all designed to make you laugh and smile, and make great use of the hardware available. With about 150 of these items, you'll want to keep playing the game modes over and over again until you collect the lot.

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The sound is pretty much the same as all previous games, with background music and kooky sound effects which may make the game better, but I prefer to have it off, seeing as it's not necessary. We also found the actual story and structure of the game very weak and pointless... but this is a Wario Ware game. Since when have they been normal? From picking noses and firing balls at horny devils (We kid you not), this game lives up to the Wario Ware brand name, being just as random as ever. And with the many items waiting to be unlocked, the creators really have let their imaginations run riot.

But not only do you get a game, you also manage to get strange looks from onlookers as you twist your GBA about wherever you go. This is the kind of game that will attract attention, no matter where you are. It allows anyone, even people who've never played a game before, to play with ease. You don't even have to press any buttons! And, maybe, this is what the Nintendo Revolution is aiming for with its gyroscopic controller. However, we still have a year to wait until then, but until then, we can tell you that Wario Ware Twisted! is going to be one of the best and most innovative handheld games of 2006.

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Nintendo delivers yet again, with a new, innovative, and addictive barrage of insanity! The control system is a fantastic addition, and really shows the 'Nintendo Difference'. This game could easily be one of the best handheld games of 2006, so go buy it in February to add to your gaming collection!









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