Industry Manager: Future Technologies (PC) Review

By Thom Compton 14.11.2016

Review for Industry Manager: Future Technologies on PC

There are three types of managers: delegative, autocratic and democratic. While the autocratic manager has a "this is how things will be done" mentality, democratic managers like to listen to their employees and get feedback. Industry Manager: Future Technologies falls into the delegative group, in that it leaves the player to their own devices to get the work done. However, is this enough to generate a positive result? Cubed3 finds out!

This simulation game starts off incredibly promising. The tutorial introduces the player to an almost lifelike city, and explores how to turn an uncultivated piece of land into a multibillion-dollar industry. The tutorial makes good use of its time, as it clearly defines how to manipulate and control every facet of the industry. The text is inexcusably small, but it's still easy to navigate and get out into the field.

Then, it's time to pick an industry. There's a wide variety to choose from, ranging from software to food, and they each have a different level of difficulty. The difference isn't very obvious though, as the second the game starts, it becomes apparent what's holding this game down. For all of its direction, none of it seems to matter once the tutorial is gone.

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Really, the main gameplay is adjusting numbers. Everything from quality of the product being produced to the number of employees is dependent on adjusting numbers, and that's really it. Research opens up new possibilities, but it feels like a drag waiting for these things to come up. A lot of the gameplay time is spent not having what you need and waiting for it become available. It honestly feels like a Facebook game.

It's not the worst experience, though certain aspects are troubling. For instance, every warehouse has to be called "Warehouse". This mean managing your warehouses and what is stored and shipped from them is a matter of guess work a lot of the times. Also, the AI isn't the most dedicated servant. Many times, a shipment would be mighty helpful, but the trucks will make it when they get around to it.

None of this really matters when the business starts succeeding or failing, though it's not always obvious why it's performing the way it is. Really, this game is more likely to appeal to those who would want to set it up, and walk away, adjusting as they see events transpire. A retail store can be purchased, to sell the finished product, but there's no real management. You can increase the size to sell more, but it adds little to the experience.

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All in all, Inventory...sorry, Industry Manager: Future Technologies is just a lot of interesting ideas that don't amount to much. Perhaps as an idle or social game, it would work much better. As a so called "full" title, it just leaves a lot to be desired, almost like it's all the side dishes and none of the entree. It's easy to see there's clearly a game here waiting to bust out and scream "Play me", but this is merely the voice mail to that scream. It's almost like a large demo, and if fleshed out further, and the edges sanded clean, there might be more to recommend here. For now, it's just an idle numbers game, and it's not much fun to experience.


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