Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham (PC) Review

By Athanasios 24.11.2016

Review for Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham on PC

Realm of Shadows? Nice for a first episode, but nothing ground-breaking. Children of Arkham? An equally… 'nice' one, which, unfortunately, plays it a bit too safe, and repeats the mistakes of its predecessor. New World Order? Oh, not again… just another nice and simple story with a little bit of Batman thrown in. Is the Dark Knight worthy of such treatment? Will this last but one episode manage to make things interesting? Will Alfred stop pestering him with requests about grandchildren?

Time is money, and money equals more nerdy stuff like comics and video games, so instead of wasting any time analysing things, here's a short synopsis of those gameplay and storytelling elements that return in Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 4: unexciting QTE battles that don't raise the bar even an inch? Check. Lame, "push A to open door" sequences? Check. Detective work that feels like those kiddie connect-the-dot games? Check, and check, as Guardian of Gotham throws a small puzzle into the mix that's so simple that, in order for the karmic equilibrium to get into balance, every single fan of the Myst series committed suicide.

Of course, the main complaint that most people had about the "gameplay" portion of Batman: The Telltale Series had to do with the developer's decreasingly ambitious system of choice, or, to be more precise, its non-existent system of choice, as the various dialogue options available never really affected how things would turn out, with the biggest example being Harvey Dent/Two-Face, who goes full villain whether Batman saves his pretty face or not. Therefore, it once again boils down to the plot; how good it is, how well it's presented, and so on. Is it good, then? Well, it's surely solid, but don't get your hopes up just yet.

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The good thing is that it all starts on a much darker tone, with Bruce Wayne being in Arkham Asylum, and, once again (a treat for some boys and girls), still in his boxers. So, Brucey is an inmate in a nuthouse, the all-powerful mayor Harvey Dent won't let anyone help him, and, most of all, the Batcave never felt so far away - and right when things couldn't get more tense and exciting, here comes the Joker! Unfortunately, Telltale has made quite the wrong move here. The Smiling Man isn't just any random Batman villain, but the Batman villain. He, however, is treated like a brief cameo here - a character that people would pay no attention to if he wasn't who he is.

Even worse? Bruce gets out with no real effort, or, to be honest, no effort at all, and, moments later, gets cured from the weird chemical that was previously injected into his body, again, as if this was just a minor thing. After that? Nothing, really. Batman gets to do some detective work, gets to choose between confronting the Penguin or Two-Face… and then it all ends in a displeasingly low-key crescendo. The only scene worthy of mention is Batman's dialogue with a young child; a scene that, despite the extremely brief moment that it lasts, has lots of heart, and may very well be the best character interaction that the Dark Knight has had during his Telltale odyssey.

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The ball that is given to the Caped Crusader in Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham initially looks the most interesting yet; however, he takes it… and does nothing with it. Once again, this feels more like "another day in the life of Bruce/Batman" rather than an epic superhero story, with an exciting beginning, a riveting middle, and a dramatic finale - which, after the mediocrity experienced so far, makes hoping for the latter to be any good quite hard.









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