OneShot (PC) Review

By Gabriel Jones 06.12.2016

Review for OneShot on PC

The prophecy states that a sun-bearing messiah will save the world. That's great and all, but maybe the world isn't worth saving anymore. It's clearly falling apart, and it won't be long before its few inhabitants lose hope. All the same, Niko has tasked himself with bringing back its light. If nothing else, perhaps he'll figure out why he was brought to this strange world, aside from being its messiah, of course. OneShot is an adventure game that challenges players to think outside the box, or perhaps outside the window…

It's difficult to say exactly what makes Niko's quest so special. Sure, the art direction captures the right mood, the soundtrack is great, and the characters are charming enough. However, there are certain unconventional methods that this game implements, both in terms of storytelling and puzzle solving, that really take it to another level. Without giving too much away, this is an adventure that's clearly designed with PCs in mind. It's impossible to imagine it being nearly as effective if it was somehow ported to consoles.

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OneShot is another adventure game developed using RPG Maker software. This is a great format for the genre. The overhead view allows for surroundings that are easy to comprehend. The crisp and clean sprite work keeps searches for important tools from being a "pixel hunt." The interface makes using and even combining items a smooth process. There's also an odd sense of satisfaction that comes from actually walking up to investigate suspicious objects. It sounds silly, but personally it's more rewarding than clicking on something with a mouse. In case the player thinks there's too much walking around, there is a fast travel option.

A complete playthrough shouldn't take more than a few hours. Still, that's enough time to appreciate the thought-provoking storyline, interesting world, and likable cast. This is an adventure game that doesn't focus on confusing or overly unnecessary puzzles, either. The solutions aren't too difficult to figure out, and they fit the theme of the game. There is not an ounce of bloat, because every location has some significance to it, even when it doesn't house a plot-furthering item. Everything comes together seamlessly, and the ending is sure to be unforgettable.

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Rated 8 out of 10

There's very little that can actually be said about how brilliant OneShot is. Be sure to stay well away from streams or a YouTube playthrough before getting the opportunity to experience it. Just expect to be treated to a thoroughly wonderful tale. Definitely consider checking it out.


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