Lethal VR (PlayStation 4) Review

By Albert Lichi 22.12.2016

Review for Lethal VR on PlayStation 4

Everyone loves to shoot guns. The most widely played games today pretty much feature a gun of some kind, and VR was inevitably going to get a game set in a shooting range. It totally makes sense, and caters to every shooter's basic needs of blasting targets away, but does Lethal VR got the gat?

Lethal VR is very straightforward about what it is. From the start, it has absolutely no pretensions about its goal, which is just to be a virtual shooting range. The experience is quite Spartan, since there is no music, just a faint atmospheric hum and the echoes from the guns blazing. From the knives or throwing stars, to the handguns, to even the Hollywood movie guns that are inspired from the likes of Robocop, The Man With the Golden Gun and Dirty Harry... all the weapons are rendered very realistically. Everything looks really natural and react with believable physics and animations.

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The VR and PS Move controls work as expected and have a very polished playability. Everything is quite smooth and has no jittering or choppiness. Lethal VR manages to be easy to pick up and play from anyone from the age of eight to 80. What is surprising is how it gets creative with basic shooting gallery mechanics. Expect the standard "shoot all targets or moving targets," but there are also some instances where the game will flood the screen with anti-targets and only one actual target, putting an emphasis on quick wits and judgement.

At many points, Lethal VR feels like an actual police training. Other times, it feels like ninja training, when it introduces throwing knives or shurikens. The throwing sections are surprising in how effective and natural it all feels.

Lethal VR has a decent amount of variety for something so basic, but at $14.99 it is really steep. This is something that feels like it should be a freebie for all PSVR headsets because it feels like a tech demo of the benefits of VR. It really is the Wii Sports of virtual reality: addictive, easy on the eyes and pretty shallow.

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If Lethal VR has any real faults, it is in its absurd price. With around only 30 missions, which can all be beaten in about an hour, there is just not enough content to warrant the asking price. However, what Lethal VR does, it does well. The game shoots straight and doesn't falter... It just doesn't have many rounds in the barrel.


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