DOOM: Unto the Evil (PC) Review

By Athanasios 27.12.2016

Review for DOOM: Unto the Evil on PC

Doom. What a lovely, lovely game. It wasn't perfect when it came out, but over the course of a couple of months, and after a few fantastic free updates, it almost came close to being so, because besides polishing the whole thing, these even added a lot of new content, both in the already awesome single-player campaign, as well as the initially somewhat disappointing multiplayer. If a few free updates could accomplish that, theoretically price-tagged DLC must be fantastic… theoretically.

Here's what Unto the Evil has in store for all you blood-thirsty creeps out there: new maps, new tools to kill in these maps, and new aesthetic content to help you dance over the dead body of your best friend. To be more specific… it includes three maps, which are quite complex, very detailed, and generally put the originals to shame. Cataclysm is a hell/sci-fi installation cocktail, with the outer hellish region being more complex, while the inner space station is a nice and small Quake III-ish area; Offering is a hell dungeon-themed multiple level map with an emphasis on verticality; and, finally, Ritual is a simple-on-looks, yet very fun map taking place in the snowy parts of Mars.

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In terms of tools of the trade, there is one new weapon, called the UAC EMG Pistol, which is basically the simple pistol of the single-player campaign, and, just like it, is pretty disappointing. While both its main blasts, as well as its charged shot, are pretty fast, it will be a hard weapon to kill your opponents with. The Kinetic Mine is a much better addition, since it's a trap that senses movement, forcing both the one that throws it, as well as the ones that will potentially step on it, to play more strategically. Finally, players can now transform into the Harvester, a demon with a lightning attack that, like with the plasma rifle, charges up and unleashes a stronger blast.

As expected, Unto the Evil comes with a nice assortment of new aesthetic choices, with new gear to wear, colours to paint them with, and lots of hilariously ridiculous taunts to use while wearing them. As a whole, though, this isn't exactly an example of ground-breaking material… It's good, and that's that. The real problem? For the things offered, the price tag looks kind of wrong, especially since many of the things that this DLC provides could easily be done by a team of talented modders.

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Doom: Unto the Evil is an… okay DLC, with nothing really special to say about it. The things it offers are fine and all, but with a somewhat ridiculous price tag attached to it, especially since almost everything included feels more like mods than material created by a team of professionals.




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