DOOM: Bloodfall (PC) Review

By Athanasios 27.12.2016

Review for DOOM: Bloodfall on PC

Doom's two multiplayer DLCs came… and no one really cared, to say the truth. Enjoyable? Yes. Flawed? Far from it. However, both Unto the Evil and Hell Followed had pretty bad value for money, since the content that these brought onto the table were not exactly what people expected from products with such price tags. Will the final one, Bloodfall, manage to make a difference?

Doom: Bloodfall is identical to previous DLC packages: three new maps, one new weapon, item, and demon, and many aesthetic unlockables. Without getting into detail, Outbreak is a very good sci-fi arena; Boneyard is a flesh-and-bone-themed, quite complex map; and Empyrian is great for team play, very platform-friendly, and has lots of endless pits.

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The new murdering tools? The grenade launcher, like with the rocket launcher, is a weapon that requires more than just pulling the trigger, not to mention that its secondary fire is a very helpful smoke grenade - slightly weak for the time being, but, generally, a fine addition; Lateral Thrusters are a pair of… thrusters that enable hovering in the air for a bit, perfect for dealing with explosive weapon-wielding opponents; and, finally, the new demon is Spectre, the semi-transparent Pinky Demon that throws stealth kills into the play.

As usual… there are new hack modules, new things to decorate your marines with, new colours to paint those pieces of attire, and new taunts to congratulate yourselves and ridicule others. In other words: same old, same old. Worthy of a purchase? Meh… Only if you can't live without this small bundle of fun.

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Bloodfall is another multiplayer DLC for Doom that is fine and all, but doesn't really try to offer either more or better material than the previous two. Even worse? The prices remain somewhat high, and will surely discourage most Doomers.




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