Quarantine (PC) Review

By Luna Eriksson 09.02.2017

Review for Quarantine on PC

It is interesting to see strategy games that are about other things than warfare, and Quarantine truly seems to be an intriguing one that tackles the concept of a pandemic spreading across the Earth. With mechanics that feels similar to the classic board game, Pandemic, it seems like a safe strategy game home run. Cubed3 is going to be the cure to your curiosity about 505 Games' latest release right now...

Strategy titles in the videogame industry have almost became a synonym for different kinds of war games. It is not strange as a lot of focus in the industry has been on combat experiences, especially in the mainstream. Therefore, a game like Quarantine feels like a breath of fresh air.

Instead of spreading death, the player is in charge of stopping it as a pandemic spreads across the world. The aim is to find the cure before the disease has consumed too much of the world population. The game plays very much like the well-known board game Pandemic, but there are many differences to make it a better fit for the videogame medium, and make it work well as a single-player experience.

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At the start, the "team" only has one member. The rest must be recruited by using money earned from offices placed on the map. This makes the economy management extremely important in Quarantine as one unit alone is not going to last long at all against the rapidly spreading disease. Once some income and units are earned, it is time to actually start to fight back for real by taking care of the sick, and eventually starting to gain strains needed to discover a cure.

This gives a really pleasing and natural flow to proceedings, which keeps it entertaining and exciting all the way towards the end. The fact that the player must always choose between different things at all points is truly engaging and creates a dynamic experience. In the early stages, it is speed of progression vs. keeping the spread rate low, while later on it is a choice between rushing the virus down at the risk of the population, or keeping on fighting a battle that just gets more and more difficult. This means that there is always room for meaningful decisions to be made, which is the single most important aspect of any good strategy release.

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505 Games' latest release, Quarantine, is a strong and dynamic strategy experience for all levels of gamer. From start to finish, all players are always faced with having to make difficult choices, and many meaningful decisions in their quest to cure the sickness of the masses. This makes Quarantine a great strategy game outing for anyone who prefers to cure rather than going on a typical killing spree, and with it still being in Early Access status, it means you can expect many more tweaks and updates in the future!




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