Mantis Burn Racing: Elite Class (PC) Review

By Gabriel Jones 07.04.2017

Review for Mantis Burn Racing: Elite Class on PC

The toughest challenge awaits in Elite Class, the DLC package for Mantis Burn Racing. Tame the almighty hover vehicles while engaging in a slew of new events in career mode. Only the best and the brightest will have what it takes to win at this level.

Since hover vehicles rely on turbines rather than tyres, they handle differently than their wheeled counterparts. This is a mixed blessing, because while the ride is smoother, it's easier to lose control. Collisions also tend to be harder to recover from, because they typically result in the driver bouncing from wall to wall. Greater care is necessary when racing heavier vehicles. It doesn't take much for them to knock smaller crafts out of the way. Also, these vehicles seem to gain boost at a faster rate. Still, any veteran of Mantis Burn Racing can adapt to these differences in less than a minute. It's easy to appreciate these well-crafted vehicles. The added learning curve just makes them more fun to drive.

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The additions to career mode are also very nice. The Elite Class is a standalone campaign that should satisfy any hover fanatic. It's easily accessible, even for players who haven't completed the Veteran or Pro classes. Still, they might want to take the time to earn some upgrades for their new vehicles, because the AI opponents are tougher than ever. Their flawless driving demands players who are at the top of their game. Completing these twelve events will award some pretty sweet upgrades.

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While having an additional campaign is swell, the real stars of the Elite Class DLC are the hover vehicles. They offer an exciting spin on traditional racing. Taking the time to learn their intricacies is a very rewarding endeavour. The higher top speeds and looser handling make for very frenetic and sometimes chaotic races. All in all, a fine purchase for any fan of Mantis Burn Racing.









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