Magikarp Jump (iOS) Review

By Luna Eriksson 08.06.2017

Review for Magikarp Jump on iOS

Ever wanted to be that fisherman who enters battle with six Magikarps? Neither has Cubed3, but The Pokémon Company felt like they wanted to give the players the experience of trying to be the very best Magikarp trainer like no one ever aspired to be. Cubed3 picks up their trusty Old Rod to fish up a carp unlike anyone has ever seen in Magikarp Jump!

The Pokémon Company goes on to answer the request no one had, except for masochistic challenge runners, a game in which (nearly) all that can be caught is Magikarps. What to do with this mountain of carp Pokémon that can do nothing but splash? Why not a competition about whose Magikarp can splash the highest? This is basically the setting of the world in which Magikarp Jump takes place in.

It sounds like a really arbitrary way to make a game just about Magikarp, and it is! Magikarp Jump is the kind of game that feels forced to become a meme, but what a meme it is! Magikarp Jump has all the elements people hate about smart phone gaming stuck into the very same game for maximum meme power. Arbitrary time or money-gates? Check! The ability to randomly lose progress? Check! Non-interactive gameplay? Yeah, it's got that too. The only thing the player can do to help their Magikarp is to tap on food and train with it sometimes.

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This sounds like a terrible game in all possible ways, and it truly is, but it is done with such self-awareness that it turns into a beautiful satire. Magikarp Jump is just that, a satire of mobile gaming. It is ingenious in a way that shows just how much The Pokémon Company truly knows about gaming and what makes it great. It breaks all the rules about what makes a fun game in the most hilarious ways which makes Magikarp Jump into a truly enjoyable experience.

Normally many of the things in Magikarp Jump would annoy the player to no end, like a Pidgeotto swooping down from the sky and eating the poor Magikarp and forcing the player to restart from scratch, but because of the very nature of Magikarp Jump the player will just laugh these things off. Annoyances become features in Magikarp Jump, and what a bunch of features they are!

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Rated 7 out of 10

Magikarp Jump breaks all the rules about what a good game is supposed to be. It is a mixture of the dirtiest, most nefarious design choices modern gaming has to offer, and it is beloved for it. Magikarp Jump is the perfect satire game that turns annoyances into features. It is always fun to see in which way the current Magikarp will be "retired", or if it might even survive to the league. If entering with the right mindset this might be one of the most humorous gaming experiences of 2017.


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