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By Athanasios 28.06.2017

Review for Gunscape on PC

Whether that's the multi-platform Minecraft, or Nintendo's Super Mario Maker, building custom levels has a certain charm that, for many gamers, is impossible to resist, as, very often, the sky is the limit. Small indie developer Blowfish Studios seems to agree with that, and thus crafted Gunscape. Heavily inspired by the golden oldies of the FPS genre, it provides the means to build all sorts of levels to have some great run and gun fun, and, indeed, once more, your imagination will have a blast here - but is that really enough for such a title to shine?

There's a campaign available to try out before anything else; a campaign that will give you a taste of how Gunscape feels, and, most importantly, what can be created with the tools it provides. To be perfectly honest, though, there's little reason to play it, as it's pretty boring, although pleasantly challenging at times. Moreover, why waste precious time when the fun here is to build custom maps to play and share?

Visually this looks a lot like Minecraft, although a better comparison would be the equally pixel-y and '90s-esque STRAFE. Additionally, it also handles like Minecraft, as its method of building maps requires doing so block by block (or prop by prop), slowly creating a world that can have a similarity with anything from Wolfenstein 3D or Quake, to BioShock or Turok - or all this together, as some would prefer killing their Nazis in a prehistoric jungle.

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Now, it's necessary to note that there are three versions of Gunscape. The simple, and free one, only offers a few blocks to use, the standard one which gives you almost everything, and Golden (the one reviewed) which is the complete package, and ensures that anything new will added free of charge. The normal price tags are somewhat high for what is on offer, though, so be sure to wait for a discount.

Concerning the level editor, it has three major flaws. The first is that it was made with a console control scheme in mind, therefore don't expect any special tricks that would make things move a little bit faster - no matter what the idea is, building means placing block, after block, after block. The second issue is that, as far as level editors go, this isn't as powerful as it should. It's possible to create some worlds that will look magnificent, but don't get your hopes up for anything more than that.

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The biggest flaw, however, is the simple fact that Gunscape's core gameplay just isn't that fun. Weapons feel weak, enemies are simpler than the ones in Doom, and, generally, all the moving and shooting just doesn't have what it takes, as it all feels like a simplistic FPS at its alpha state - most things are there, but it lacks the added "punch."

As a result, no matter how great one's skill is in level-making, the enjoyment factor will constantly remain pretty low, which will discourage the would-be builder from crafting his/her magnificent, delicately decorated, gargantuan arena. In other words, while your imagination is once again the limit, that's only when it comes to the looks of it all - gameplay wise, you are limited by the game itself.

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It's not like things will change any time soon. Gunscape has been around for quite long, and yet it still doesn't feel like a complete package. Maybe there's still hope, but, as of now, the community is relatively dead. Maps get created every now and then, and many are pretty darn good, but, apart from getting ready for a LAN party, it's almost impossible to find someone to try them out with you, no matter the mode chosen.

As such, Gunscape is in a terrible need for some AI-controlled bots, as it's pretty annoying to wait for company to arrive. It must be mentioned once more, however, as all this talk about level editors, absent players, and so on, doesn't mean much in the long run. The only thing that matters is whether this is fun to play, and, in one sentence… meh.

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Currently, and, sadly, maybe forever, Gunscape doesn't become what it wants to. Besides the fact that the level editor included (which is, like, half the game) is not as versatile as it should be, the main gameplay mechanics aren't fun. They aren't terrible or anything, but they're also not anything that will make anyone put their [insert old-school FPS] aside.






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