Electronic Super Joy (Wii U) Review

By Lex Firth 28.06.2017

Review for Electronic Super Joy on Wii U

The resurgence of the retro-inspired 2D platformer has caused something of a deluge on digital storefronts, and not all of them are hits - for every Super Meat Boy or Bit.Trip is another lazily-designed rush-release with poor presentation and sloppy controls. One would be forgiven for ignoring a lot of the indie world's hidden gems for fear of stumbling open one of the less than impressive examples, and Electronic Super Joy is one such gem in danger of being left behind.

Make no mistake - this game is gorgeous. It may be simplistically designed, with the main action presented in silhouette style, but everything is clean and easy to make out - a difficulty that a lot of designers run into when creating something monochromatic like this - and it's all backed up by some trippy, visually arresting backgrounds. It may not push the system to its limits, but it's one of the more pleasant-to-look-at games on the eShop right now.

The soundtrack is also not to be sniffed at: as the title suggests, it's pure joyous electronica, with each thumping techno track being as addictive and exciting as the last. The entire thing is available to download via Bandcamp and it will certainly sway those on the fence - it's memorable, unique collection of music that definitely eases the pain after a few dozen deaths in the main game.

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To mention Electronic Super Joy's presentation before its gameplay almost seems to write off the meat of the game. That couldn't be further from the truth - this is some seriously tight, addictive platforming that is only complemented further by its wacky visual design. It's difficult, but never in such a way that it seems unfair; each level is designed with such intelligence that each death (and there will be plenty) feels like the player's fault, and never the game's. It's constantly evolving, too, with clever mechanics being added right up to the end, from double-jumping to visual distortions designed to confuse the less-focused player, mixed in with some particularly inventive boss fights sprinkled throughout.

The main campaign isn't particularly lengthy, and won't take more than a few hours to beat, but there is a wealth of extra modes for the most dedicated platformers. "Micro-Hell" presents a new selection of levels, with difficulty of controller-snapping proportions, whilst "Infinite Love" offers the most replayability in the form of an endless marathon of randomly-generated stages that will test even those who somehow achieve 100% completion - a monstrous feat within itself.

Electronic Super Joy may be incredibly difficult, but it's also incredibly captivating, even when played in short bursts. It may not be to everyone's tastes - the impatient or inexperienced had better look elsewhere - but there's a rewarding, gorgeous few hours' gameplay on offer for those willing to put the time in.

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It's not ground-breaking or genre-defining, but Electronic Super Joy masters the retro-style platformer. It's stunning visually and sonically, and the presentation is tied in directly to the arresting gameplay that's complemented perfectly by tight controls and super smart level design. Hardcore platforming fans will be completely at home here.


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