Overcooked! Special Edition (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Adam Riley 06.08.2017

Review for Overcooked! Special Edition on Nintendo Switch

Madcap happenings afoot in Overcooked! Special Edition, a special edition (oh, that's where the name comes from!) of the popular Ghost Town Games / Team17 release that has had PC and console owners going crazy thanks to its intense puzzle-party action. Cubed3 has previously expressed love for the PC release, as well as the PS4 base edition and accompanying DLC. Nintendo fans, though, get everything bundled together to compensate for the later release. With Overcooked's main campaign and Versus, as well as The Lost Morsel and The Festive Seasoning extras, is this a must-buy?

First things first, do not even bother considering this as a single-player experience or else it will grow both repetitive and frustrating very quickly. There are still no online options, either, so unless you have friends or family willing to play this, then it is a redundant purchase. The developer has tried to force in a solo campaign, but it just does not work well at all. Multiple chefs need to be controlled, running around various different kitchen layouts, preparing meals for punters, and it becomes an exercise in patience rather than an enjoyable experience.

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Novel ideas are mixed in to make the cooking arena as interesting as possible, yet the more complex the situation faced, the more frustrating it is switching from one chef to the other, quickly trying to pick the right ingredient, dice it, start it cooking, get the second chef to chop more things up in the meantime, then keep going back and forth to fulfil the meal requirements, overcoming whatever random obstacles are thrown your way, serve it all up, and then deliver. Oh, and don't forget to wash returned dirty dishes, actually go through the act of cleaning them up, and then start the process again. All actions are done by pressing one button, by the way, so do not expect anything elaborate - move into position, hold a button…switch to another chef, repeat the same process.

It works far better when a second, third, and fourth player get involved, but even then it all depends on how skilled those in the party are, since it only takes a few missteps for meals to burn, customers to get fed up, and so on, with the timer running down quickly as people grow more frustrated with the action and start to give up on the repeated processes involved. Kudos to Ghost Town Games for attempting to add fresh ideas to what is pretty much just an expansion of the Cooking Mama series, but what starts off as simplistic fun - if somewhat repetitive, as mentioned - starts to transform into an out of control beast that causes more frustration than it should due to over-complicated kitchens and not always clear orders.

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An interesting idea that is lots of fun given the right crowd, but despite its best efforts to make for intriguing level design, the more bells and whistles added to the kitchen layout, the more room there is for frustration to creep in. Overcooked! Special Edition is the best value version so far, with DLC already included, and those that enjoyed it before will enjoy it again. However, just be warned that solo players should steer clear, and those wanting multiplayer fun need to make sure those in tow are not inept at juggling numerous tasks under tense conditions or else the entire group will just quickly start to hate the game and each other…

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