King's Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon (iOS) Review

By Luna Eriksson 30.09.2017

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Every company starts out somewhere, and it is rarely with Final Fantasy VII. This certainly was the case with King's Knight, which was so badly received that it even became a meme in Final Fantasy XV where it became the most popular game in the world. Square Enix tries to make this into what it dreamed about it to be with Wrath of the Dark Dragon, as, thirty years later, it becomes a franchise.

Every company starts off somewhere, and there is a special place in a creator's heart for their first work no matter how good or bad it is. Square Enix tries to give King's Knight the treatment it deserves as they turn the thirty-one-year-old game into a franchise with King's Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon - the most popular game in the world of Final Fantasy XV.

Just like its predecessor, it's a top down shoot 'em up with strong RPG elements, but it has incorporated a lot of 'Gatcha' elements into the gameplay to turn it into a freemium title, and it works heaps for asomething like this. The wonderful thing about top-down shooters is that there rarely are more than one good character needed to progress, as the rest are there just for variety. Nevertheless, it creates good, fun incitement to keep buying without feeling forced to.

The top down shooter aspect is pretty simple, but it does its thing to keep things fun and entertaining for a while, but its strongest suit is the online multiplayer. It is possible to hook up with up to three others for some online fun, and this is done by each player picking their favorite and/or strongest character, and having a blast at special multiplayer maps. It is fun and entertaining, and really helps the game feel alive.

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While there isn't much bad to be said about King's Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon, there sadly isn't too much extraordinarily good to say either. It is a basic shooter with Gatcha elements. It is, however, extremely solid at what it does. As long as there are things to do, it is going to keep players entertained for a while, and, hopefully, the current stream of events will keep going far into the game's lifetime, if it does it might actually become a great title down the road.

Sadly, right now it feels too dependent on the events, and even farming those will quickly become repetitive. For fans of the genre looking for a freemium Gatcha game for the iOS, there are few better choices. It is a blast from the past that captures many of the greater aspects of old shoot 'em ups. As a F2P product though, it is reliant on having longevity, something that its general repetitive nature, mixed with the fact that the player needs to keep attention to the game durin the sometimes excessive farming, might ruin it in the long run.

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King's Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon is a solid shoot 'em up for the iOS and it truly is a game Square Enix can be proud of. The current stream of events mixed with the story gives it a healthy mixture of things for players to do to not make it feel too repetitive, but the grindy nature might bite it in the back later down the line once the honeymoon is over, as the player has to be painfully aware during the sometimes excessive grinding. Some of it can be done via multiplayer, though, which really helps to bring down the monotony.


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