Curious George (Game Boy Advance) Review

By James Temperton 03.01.2007

Review for Curious George on Game Boy Advance

"When The Man with the Yellow Hat travels to Africa in search of a lost artefact, he returns with some unexpected cargo - a curious little monkey named George!" and with that we were sold. Any game that tried to draw you in with that piece of gold on the back of the box deserves our reviewing attention. Far from convinced were we about a game that proclaims "Curiosity is coming home!" and is surely aimed at two year olds; but review it we did...

And surprised we were when this game actually turned out to be moderately enjoyable...just. Sure it may be predictable, repetitive, totally unoriginal but there is something about it that we just really liked. Curious that. It does nothing to stand out, it does nothing to amaze and it does nothing to offend, so the kids will love it. Add in that this game is genuinely well made and has some good solid gameplay and you have a sure-fire hit if you were born since 1999.

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We managed to breeze through this one in just a couple of hours, it is simple from start to finish and whilst it does offer some challenges and tasks of note, everything is pretty obvious and straightforward. The basic 'plot' of the game tries to line itself up with the film, so you've got The Man in the Yellow Hat (better known as Ted) on his way to Africa, after a bit of a failed mission he heads back to the good old US of A but finds a friend from his time in Africa has stowed away back to America. Yup, it's that monkey. He calls it George. Child friendly fun ensues...

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George is a fairly simple little critter. Hit A and he jumps, hit B and he runs faster. That's about it. You can grab on to things, swing from things and jump around on things and if you do that for long enough you'll complete the game. Throughout the game you collect fireflies to get extra lives and these are liberally scattered throughout each level so surviving rarely presents too much trouble.

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What we like most about this game is that it is clever and well designed. The levels are really fun to play through and whilst simplistic they are enjoyable and varied from start to finish. There are a few tricky areas to mix things up as well. The controls are a bit tricky to get the hand of at times, and swinging between vines requires a good deal of precision and care, sometimes a little too much. The levels are based around a number of themes from jungle to city and beyond. Water, platforms, jumping, swinging, climbing...everything an identikit platformer needs is present and correct.

The graphics are cute, cuddly and vivid and fun, with loads of bright colours and sickly tones. The music is catchy and inoffensive and did we mention that the graphics were innofensive too. And the sound effects. And the gameplay. And the level design. Yup, this is the least offensive, most bland game we have ever played. There is nothing to dislike about it and so we are totally indifferent towards it.

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Curious George is a curious game. It doesn't do anything wrong, there are no massive problems with it, but it is so short, so predictable and so template-made that we find ourselves in a rather strange position. If you hadn't guessed it yet, this game is inoffensive in every conceivable way. It is the very epitome of blandness and tedium. It lasts three hours, small squeaky people will love it but for us it just conjures a wild, raging feeling of indifference. The most average game ever crafted? Perhaps, perhaps not...






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