Kitty Powers’ Love Life (PC) Review

By Luna Eriksson 22.03.2018

Review for Kitty Powers’ Love Life on PC

A lot of not so subtle frisky humour, quirky gameplay mechanics, and hard work is offered to players in Kitty Powers' Love Life as they take up the role of the relationship therapist, architect, wedding planner... well, basically everything in one of Kitty Powers' new love villages to make it grow in size and popularity as new couples look to find true love together and live happily ever after. Cubed3 enters the office ready to serve!

It is a very interesting experience to play through Kitty Powers' Love Life as it is a very special and unique game in how it is executed. While it takes much inspiration from many different genres, mostly related to f2p mobile games, it does add its own unique touch to itself through its theme, formula, and a special kind of humor few but Kitty Powers could deliver.

It is very difficult to explain what Kitty Powers' Love Life is, but rather it is something that has to be experienced to truly understand. The gameplay resembles a frisky mixture of freemium-styled city building simulator with dating simulator elements added to it. Only that it is not a freemium game, city building simulator, nor a dating simulator. It is its own highly interesting thing.

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The "goal," if there is one, is to govern tone of Kitty Powers' new love villages and make new couples get through the challenges of a relationship by guiding them, which is done by counselling and through quirky and fun mini-games and wheels of fortune. It gives it all a game show feel, which adds a lot of personality and flavour to the experience.

While it is a unique and weird experience, it does still feel very tame due to how quickly it starts to get that feeling of being a nuisance that comes from the freemium phone game elements it has added to it, where everything can be bought for the in-game currency earned within the game for performing well.

While it adds a cute and quirky touch to the gameplay and tries hard to resemble a smartphone title, it sadly does not differ from the endearing aspects and annoying aspects of them, which cause it to instead feel cheap and poor, even though this is not the case as a lot of thought has been put into Kitty Powers' Love Life. While it has a special charm to it that is hard to deny, sometimes it feels like the game does everything it can to make players dislike it.

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There are few games with as much personality as Kitty Powers' Love Life, and that alone makes it a truly interesting game to play for an hour or two. The problem is that it does not take too long until the game starts to feel repetitive and like work, and if there is one thing games should avoid it is for them to feel like actual work, even when simulating a profession. In the end, Kitty Powers' Love Life has a lot of personality, but needs to work out some quirks for this relationship to work out.


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