Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach (Nintendo DS) Review

By Adam Riley 08.04.2007

Following the massive success of Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training and Nintendo's children's version, Big Brain Academy, Ubisoft has picked up the Sega effort

Back when this game [url=http://www.cubed3.com/preview/242/]was previewed here on Cubed

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As the old adage goes, do not judge a book by its cover, so Mind Quiz was played for a week...and then promptly turned off, never to be touched again. Whereas Brain Training draws you in with simple mathematics problems, plus reading, writing and recognition tests that improve your skills and brain sharpness over time, Mind Quiz just drives you crazy. There are four different brain abilities that the game talks about

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Examples of what is on offer for 'training your brain' include blowing into the microphone to reach the top of a level repeatedly, shouting into the microphone (normally in vain as the stupid game cannot understand your voice

Screenshot for Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach on Nintendo DS

Then, once you have worked your way through the limited supply of mind-numbingly boring/pointless/frustrating (delete as applicable) tasks, the game conjures up various percentages under each category and gives you a lengthy written explanation about what each one means (...yawn...) and then rumbles together a final brain age, which seems all too easy to achieve very low ages in. There just does not seem to be any real challenge or test of your brain's power here and the complete lack of style and substance leaves you with nothing more than an annoying waste of plastic sat in front of you that cost around

Screenshot for Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach on Nintendo DS

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The fact that Sega itself never bothered to translate Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach for the Western market kind of tells you something. Sadly Ubisoft should have realised this and left this bland attempt at a brain training game in Japan. A week of playing this actually left me feeling like my brain had shrunk...Roll on Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree!









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