Just Dance 2019 (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Athanasios 10.11.2018

Review for Just Dance 2019 on Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft's Just Dance rhythm game series has been around for some time now, and it isn't slowing down anytime soon as, whether an entry like last year's Just Dance 2018, or a spin-off similar to Michael Jackson: The Experience, the concept on offer is one that's surprisingly fun, even for those who aren't that much into dancing, or rhythm games on the whole. Here's the deal, though: Ubisoft is one of those companies that pumps out games year after year; games that aren't that different from the last ones; games that carry the same, very high price-tags… which begs the question: any reason for fans to open the wallets one more time in order to buy Just Dance 2019?

For those who have been living under a rock, or were afraid to embrace their inner happiness and finally succumb to trying a Just Dance out, here is the basic idea behind the franchise. The player(s) chooses a song, and then tries to mirror the moves of his/her on-screen dance partner, with the controller, in this case the Joy-Con, acting as the motion capturing device that evaluates how well people move those lardy behinds. Awesome? You bet those lardy behinds it is! Needless to say, of course, that this aims at a very specific kind of gamer. No, not the one who just likes dancing, and certainly not anyone who cares more about scores, winning, and all that garbage.

Just Dance has always been a franchise where silly fun has always been at the forefront. In other words, turn it on in a sterile environment, and nothing will happen - do the same with a group of people that are ready to go crazy and enjoy themselves (and who are also feeling kind of tipsy), and the result will simply be hilarious. In fact, even if you can't find anyone else to play with, this can be quite enjoyable solo, plus a perfect way to burn some calories. Just mind that damn dog, crawling baby, or slippery rag while doing so…

As for the new stuff that can be enjoyed here, Ubisoft has assembled a collection of tunes that are fine and all, but somewhat less… imaginative, if you will, with most songs available being "safe" choices; mainstream, universally known pop hits of the current or previous year (the remix of Bruno Mars' Finesse is an excellent addition), although the more… alternative sounds turn out to be far more enjoyable at times, whether that's on the K-Pop side with Big Bang's Bang Bang Bang, the medieval Spanish EDM anthem, Narco, the slow-paced cure to that retched Despacito, Calypso, or a tasty old-school '90s classic, like Corona's Rhythm of the Night.

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What this lacks in terms of genre variety, though, it makes up in… mood variety, with each song offering a different, for a lack of a better word, feel, whether through the choreography or the aesthetic of the music video. Speaking of which, however, this is another part where this sort of plays it safe - and, once more, it's the less popular tunes that do things better, like that (awesome) remix of Sweet Sensation, which makes you feel like a Guardians of the Galaxy member, Eurovision's winner Toy (don't let your papa see you dancing to that), the perfect-for-couples Mad Love, or, quite possibly, the most unique, catchy, and alluring choice, Adeyyo.

In conclusion, personal nit-picks/preferences aside, this is one more Just Dance title that's bound to entertain with its songs, sexy or wacky visuals, and party-focused gameplay. It will put a smile on your face, and it will help you lose a few pounds while at it… but why choose this over Just Dance 2018 or any previous game for that matter? Apart from some minor changes here and there, and mainly in the UI design, the answer is, sadly, not much. Just Dance 2019 is so similar to the one that came before it that it feels more like a downloadable song pack.

This being Switch, however, you can now grab your console and dance wherever you want (avoid ghettos and dark forests, if possible), but be sure to bring a bunch of Joy-Con with you, as it's not possible to use an app to turn your smartphone into a controller. As a final note, and, quite possibly the most important one, Ubisoft (being Ubisoft) offers a gargantuan collection of tunes from past Just Dance iterations to choose from, but does so through a subscription-based system that not everyone will find to their liking, as the base game is quite pricey to begin with.

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Just Dance 2019 is exactly like Just Dance 2018, 2017, and so on. In other words, it's extremely fun… but it also feels like a cash-grab, since it doesn't try anything new. Also, the 400+ long song list, arguably the bulk of the experience, remains hidden behind a subscription… albeit, a reasonably priced one.









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