Little Big Workshop (PC) Review

By David Lovato 16.12.2019

Review for Little Big Workshop on PC

Simulation games have become quite popular over the years, with indie and large publishers putting out titles and creating sub-genres and new ways to play. Mirage Game Studios hopes to enter the field with Little Big Workshop; a factory sim set in a tiny... well, factory, atop a normal-sized table. With industry vets HandyGames and THQ Nordic helping with publishing, is Little Big Workshop a worthy entry into the genre, or does it fall a little bit short?

Little Big Workshop is a big breath of fresh air in an industry full of sims - especially these work or factory-related ones - that tend to try to push players to go, go, go, never slowing down and throwing out challenges left and right. This one takes an entirely different approach. Challenges exist, of course, but the developer has expertly crafted a system that allows one to tackle everything at his or her own pace.

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Objectives and challenges can be accepted at the player's choosing, making this as easy and laid-back or as challenging and time-crunching as you want. Gameplay consists of running a factory, but with less emphasis on micromanaging every aspect of these tiny people's lives and more focus on setting up blueprints and making sure the factory equipment is streamlined to be as productive as possible.

The game's sound and graphics are solid, though neither are much to write home about. Various objects litter the table the game takes place on, and many of these offer a few secrets and Easter eggs - nothing too crazy, but the developer has certainly paid attention to detail and decorated their limited game space to be lively and entertaining. The camera controls don't always want to cooperate with keyboard controls, but this is a minor annoyance that will hopefully be fixed.

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Little Big Workshop's biggest flaws are its generic character designs and a few control issues, but these are greatly overshadowed by how fun this is. It's perfect for people new to the sim genre, allowing players to tackle things at their own pace and make the experience as easy or as difficult as they choose. Veterans will also be able to jump right in and start making their factory to their liking, as well as taking on challenges to push their tiny little company to be the best it can be. Little Big Workshop doesn't reinvent the sim genre, but it fits perfectly into it and brings charm and flair one might not expected from a newer studio.

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