Oppaidius Tropical Cruise! (PC) Review

By Athanasios 25.01.2020

Review for Oppaidius Tropical Cruise! on PC

If nothing else, Oppaidius Summer Trouble! was self-aware. Unlike most eroge/date sim-esque visual novels, which try really hard to offer a semblance of a plot, as well as some character development, Vittorio Giorgi/SbargiSoft's creation knew that such titles should be honest about what they have to offer, and avoid being too "serious." Oppaidius was always meant to be an ode to enormous breasts, sprinkled with some light adult comedy, and lots of old-school (and mainly Japan-flavoured) gaming nostalgia. Its sequel, Tropical Cruise!, faithful to tradition, offers a brand new set of breasts to worship, served next to plenty of enjoyable silliness, and calls it a day. Cubed3 takes a peak...

There are a couple of references to the original game here, but worry not fellow perv. Playing Tropical Cruise! doesn't require an in-depth knowledge of Summer Trouble's "lore." The plot can be summed up in, A: you are a nerdy boob-afficionado, B: your friend is an ultra-horny goofball, and, finally, C: enormous funbags appear on screen every minute or so. Want drama? Girls to actually flirt with? Ordinary date-sim mechanics? Look elsewhere. This is basically Leisure Suit Larry: The Visual Novel. More specifically, Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail!, as this also takes place in a cruise ship.

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Now, while the new girl, the exotic beauty known as Angela, is obviously the main star here, as well as the focal point of the boob-centric jokes, the player will get to meet another cutie, who sits on the other side of the breast spectrum. Through your interaction with them you'll accumulate affection points, but, to be perfectly honest, these don't matter much, and, most importantly don't really affect the adventure as strongly as in any other similar title. Also, like in Summer Trouble! this isn't a visual novel with many branches, as most crossroads pretty much lead to the same outcome, albeit, with some new pieces of dialogue thrown in to make it feel different.

In the end, this is the same game as before. If you liked the first, you'll enjoy this as well. It retains Giorgi's art style, although somewhat "subdued" in a way, with Angela being a girl that just happens to have a big bosom, whereas the original's Serafina was more imposing, and... otherworldly in terms of design - although it's hard to verbally explain why, as it's basically the same freaking body, with a different face and wig. Speaking of comparisons, Serafina was also an itty bit more multi-layered - more mysterious and unpredictable, and at the same time more down to earth and likable.

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Speaking of mysterious, the original masterfully managed to blur the lines between what's real and what's in the protagonist's mind, making you question what's really going on - pretty impressive for something that's basically a fetish item. This one is a bit more... traditional, if you will, and doesn't go that much into ambiguousness territory. Furthermore, and to the dismay of this reviewer, this lacks the "Boob WOW" factor of the first one. In Summer Trouble, the hero (because he definitely is a hero) would lose his mind at the sight of a good pair of watermelons, and the game would even hilariously "glitch" out.

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On the flipside, although the, err... tata-focus has been decreased, this is better when it comes to it's silly humour, with your (and everybody's) best friend, Jimmy, finally stepping into the limelight, to "(P)Lunge all the way" as he often says. Those looking for a smart parody/satire/whatever, won't find it here, of course. This isn't a laugh-out-loud kind of deal. As mentioned before it is silly - but it's the enjoyable kind of silly. Oh, and by the way, don't expect much in regards to naughtiness. Sure, this definitely NSFW, but it's pretty "safe" as well.

Compared to the original, audio-visually it's identical - which is good, as Summer Trouble! was part ecchi visual novel, part ode to the old-school, Japanese videogame scene, with the music in particular giving some strong retro vibes, due to the Yamaha YM2151-powered tunes on offer. As mentioned before, it's also similar gameplay-wise, especially when it comes to the lack of really unique paths. On a more positive side, gone are the annoying mini-games of the first instalment. In conclusion: like before, this is basically a nice, short, funny ride. The big difference? This time it's free!

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Rated 7 out of 10

Oppaidius Tropical Cruise! is Oppaidius Summer Trouble! all over again, with the only big difference being the new setting and girl. In other words, this remains a very good, comedy/ecchi visual novel, which doesn't take itself too seriously, doesn't last too long, and is appropriately naughty without getting distasteful. Oh, yeah - it's also free.


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