Duck Souls+ (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Ben Clarke 13.04.2020

Review for Duck Souls+ on Nintendo Switch

With the rising popularity of hard-as-nails puzzle platformers, Duck Souls+ aims to deliver bite-sized challenging levels to the player in an affordable package. Where many other indie platformers falter in quality, however, Duck Souls+ may be a more surprising title than initially anticipated from something with such a title.

The easiest comparison to make to this game is Super Meat Boy, adapting the same short burst level structure, with challenging obstacles introduced every 10 stages or so. It's a formula that's been seen numerous times, but as the old time saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. While Duck Souls+ may not offer anything particularly revolutionary, what it does sustain, however, is a consistently fun and challenging experience, proving to hold up on its own despite its lack of originality.

Player takes control of a cute little duck, as they traverse through the 100 levels this has to offer, all with varying levels of challenge. As is standard with the genre, it starts out relatively easy, introducing you to easily graspable level mechanics, before bringing in more complex challenges to overcome. This is all combined with the duck's signature move: a dash-like feature similar to the likes of Celeste, allowing the use of an extra mid-air jump in any given direction. This adds to the tight feel of the character without being overly complicated, seeing as the rest of the gimmicks in the game are reliant on the stage's obstacles rather than being tied to the player's controls directly.

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If there's one issue this suffers from, it's the small size of the playable duck. Though not always prevalent, it was a common disruption from the experience, taking a few seconds to figure out where the duck is on-screen before starting the level itself. To add on top of this visibility issue, the duck would sometimes blend in with the stage's backgrounds too much, leading to more time wasted on finding where the character is. This was never a deal breaker, and didn't occur frequently enough as to ruin the experience, but further clarity on the character would've simply helped to make this more accessible.

Despite this small visibility flaw, the presentation is strong, portraying simplistic yet pleasing retro-styled graphics that help give off a polished feel. This is combined with decently composed music that suitably accompanies the gameplay, to create a wholly enjoyable experience. Matching this presentation, is the somewhat easier difficulty of the game, as compared to its brutally challenging counterparts, making it a great starting off point into the genre, or even to younger players who may find these sort of titles to be too much of a challenge. Duck Souls+ simply oozes with charm too; charm that may resonate with these players, and encourage them to persist through the challenges of the levels.

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Although nothing revolutionary, Duck Souls+ is a game that successfully manages to create a small and fun puzzle-platforming experience. From the visually appealing retro aesthetic, to the tight controls and focused gameplay, this is a title that is well worth the price of admission, and is a great jumping on point for those who may find the likes of Super Meat Boy and Celeste to be too much of a challenge. While it may not be a standout product in its genre, it's still a fun time to be had, and is a worthy predecessor to its bigger brothers.




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