Pachi Pachi On A Roll (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Athanasios 16.07.2020

Review for Pachi Pachi On A Roll on Nintendo Switch

To this day, yours truly finds Pachinko machines to be the most mysterious piece of Japanese culture. Sort of like an inverted, gambler's version of the pinball game that's more about lack than skill, this is a weird type of pastime to turn into a game… pretty much like all gambling games, in this critic's - not so - humble opinion. But hey! Everything becomes better with big breasted anime girls, right? At least that's what the developer of Pachi Pachi On A Roll must have thought.

The premise here is to guide a ball towards specific targets. 'Guide' isn't the right word, though. Players essentially press a button, and the constantly moving mechanical claw at the top frees this small sphere, which starts bouncing around the place. A set of missions is given, which essentially say what kind of objects must be hit before the sphere disappears in the bottom. Score high, and the next level will be unlocked, which will feature a different theme, and targets that are even harder to hit. Oh, yeah. The two busty gals that you've just undressed will follow you there, and choose a brand new set of clothes for you to destroy.

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…And that's the gist of it. A casino, wild west, space, and fantasy theme; lots of balls; and, finally, two girls, that have even bigger balls that can be unveiled (not completely, of course) by hitting specific objects. Levels get progressively more challenging, but, truth be told, for the most part it's all luck-based. Sure, players have some power over where the ball will start its journey, and can thus increase the chances of hitting a goal, but in the end one can only prey to a well-endowed version of lady luck to help out.

While a luck-based affair, however, Pachi Pachi On A Roll isn't really that challenging. Apart from the very last stage where a constantly regenerating set of obstacles raise the randomness even more, few will have trouble finishing a level, completing all missions, undressing both girls, and unlocking a bunch of gallery entries while at it. Fun? Kind of. This is actually a somewhat relaxing title to kill an evening or long train trip… but there's not really any reason to pay for it, as it's not really a video game, but a toy, and one that doesn't offer much to do or see.

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An, initially fun, mix of a pachinko and pinball machine, Pachi Pachi On A Roll won't stay with you for long, especially due to its - mostly - luck-based gameplay. Throwing some busty anime cuties in there doesn't help much either. This clearly belongs in the world of free mobile games.









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