Evergate (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 16.09.2020

Review for Evergate on Nintendo Switch

Ki's cute appearance and unique powers make this platforming puzzle adventure from Stone Lantern Games and PQube fun to play, even in the most frustrating of puzzles. Evergate's mysteries unravel slowly as she ventures further into the spirit world, where it is made clear through words and events that Ki's presence and actions aren't completely welcome. Why is Ki seeing someone else's memories? Who is Ki? How can she be free from the malevolent forces that terrorise her? Cubed3 takes a closer look at this intriguing new release.

There is a strong focus on the platforming element, which unfortunately may prove too tricky some to master and reach the end, meaning Evergate's mysteries could still wrapped up in the game, although being able to get almost hallway through the one hundred levels is an achievement in itself! Ki cannot fly or teleport around the screen, instead running and jumping - a standard in platformers. Where Ki shines, though, is in the special powers that defy explanation. The Soulflame is a light type of power that when channelled through crystal and other items can break glass-like objects, clearing a path and set platforms into motion, all needed to traverse each perilous level. There are plenty of spikes and bottomless holes to cross in order to reach the level's final door, which then whooshes KI to the next stage in a sequence that makes the whole affair feel even more alive.

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It can take time to figure out how to use the Soulflame accurately - possibly up to an hour if platforming skills are on the weak side. Once confidence starts growing in the early parts, other obstacles are introduced, which will dissipate Ki once they touch her, forcing a level restart. From evil birds that whizz across the screen, to deadly rain or snowstorms, the odds truly are stacked against Ki's survival. There is no health system, with this being an instant-death kind of title, with marginal room for error, meaning only the most persistent, patient people, and those who do not get frustrated easily, will reach the end. Unfortunately, that obviously won't be the case for everyone, but great fun and satisfaction can be had before the difficulty ramps up.

There are few elements that can be improved on, however. It would be preferable to have more of a tutorial in the beginning, one that has more details about exactly how to use the Soulflame, rather than a few sentences that can leave the player baffled. A health system would be preferred to instant death, but at least dying only means the level needs repeating, not several levels. While it is understandable that the developers wanted gamers to see the whole puzzle in one screen as they play, given how cute Ki is, it seems a shame that she is super tiny in size compared to the rest of the screen. Perhaps the option to zoom out and see the whole puzzle would help the more challenging platforming parts seem less daunting and insurmountable (a viewpoint solely dependent on the player's ability with puzzles).

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Rated 7 out of 10

Using the Soulflame to conquer Ki's challenges gives Evergate a twist on the usual style of puzzle platformers. The innocence of Ki makes it easy to want to protect her, to help Ki figure out exactly what is going on, and why she can see memories that aren't her own. The difficulty level may prove too much of a challenge for the more casual platform fan but will provide hours of entertainment for those who seek out challenges and want to unlock every achievement in this intriguing title. Even if the end isn't reached, the highly detailed levels and clever game mechanics make any time spent in Evergate worthwhile.


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