FoxyLand 2 (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 26.09.2020

Review for FoxyLand 2 on Nintendo Switch

Since the first game in the series, FoxyLand was greatly enjoyed, it made sense to check out the sequel from Ratalaika Games. After rescuing his girlfriend, Foxyland 2 sees Foxy and Jennie as a family unit with children. Unfortunately both the children get kidnapped, so off Foxy goes again to save the day.

For the most part FoxyLand 2 is a similar game to FoxyLand. The menu used to access levels is upgraded to a colourful area map; the music and graphics add to the overall cute look of the game; and levels involve lots of jumping and finding switches to traverse to the end, with both gems and coins to be found - sadly there are no fun accessories to buy with the coins to change the look of Foxy or, in multiplayer, Jennie.

Movement is logical with twists like being able to hide behind bushes and rocks, providing a handy breathing space when sneaking past enemies. Although getting hit deducted from life points in the first game, being dive-bombed by flying enemies was highly entertaining. While the difficulty level jumped around irregularly in the first game, FoxyLand 2 opted to fix this. Unfortunately the game included a feature that made it too difficult to be finished for this review.

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Normally a game series improves on issues from previous instalments. Health was given in form of a heart meter in FoxyLand which reduced each time Foxy got hit by an enemy, or touched a dangerous object. Why in the world instant death became the only way to play Foxyland 2 is a mystery that makes little sense considering how beginner-friendly the first game was. By all means, having instant death as a feature would be ok after playing through the entire game once.

Having it from the start, though, means that there was no health meter at all, which meant this reviewer found it impossible to complete this. The game became unplayable when over an hour passed trying to defeat a boss which in theory wasn't hard, but in practice was due to the constant instant deaths. The inability to find out if the game had a happy ending was a disappointment…

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Regrettably due to the inclusion of instant death FoxyLand 2 is not for casual platformer fans, who the first game seemed to cater for. Those seeking to find out what happens next in the cute foxes' lives will need great skill to be able to enjoy this one. Here's hoping that if there is a FoxyLand 3, it will take away the flaws of the second game on board, and reinstates the good elements from the first, so players of all capabilities can play it, not just those who revel in high stake gaming, and are good at platformers.




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