Plantera Deluxe (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 26.09.2020

Review for Plantera Deluxe on Nintendo Switch

Gardening games are popular for good reason; they are almost always relaxing, with no time limits, and involve watching a variety of natural treasures grow. Released in 2017, Plantera Deluxe on Nintendo Switch has the player planting trees, vegetables, and fruits, which creatures help harvest and defend, while the player tries to get rid of invading foxes, crows, and other creatures to save the crops.

This begins with almost nothing for the player, apart from one helper who will kindly harvest the first crop. You can use the money earned through clicking on crops in the ground and fruit in the trees to expand the farm. As the character level increases, so does the range of produce. Crops include carrots, pumpkins, lettuce and turnips, berry bushes, and fruit like oranges, cherries, apples, and several more. The cute farm animals help produce eggs, wool, and milk, when they are happy enough to give them, though.

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The produce may be typical to farming games, but what makes the game appealing, is having to fight off the creatures that are determined to terrorise the animals and steal crops. The button layout, easily brought up on screen in a menu, means it is easy to go to the two ends of the farm where the unwanted guests appear. Tapping on them will send them scurrying back to where they belong! Buying guard dogs will help keep all the animals calm and safe from harm.

The touch screen can be used in conjunction with joystick and button controls, rather than being solely touch screen exclusive, which can make it less accessible to the needs of certain people. Player input is important, but the critters in here will collect money even when this is logged out, so progress is always happening, albeit slower than if players collect the fruit and vegetables themselves.

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Peaceful music and simple game mechanics, which could do with a clearer tutorial, as the extensive help menu is not necessarily easily signposted, moving sideways on the farm instead of having a top down view typical to farming games, is easier than it sounds. Hours can whizz by while coin collecting to see what crops and creatures will next be unlocked, although Plantera Deluxe is more of a dip in-and-out kind of deal than one you can constantly play, making it perfect for a before bed game, or any time where relaxation is needed.




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