Drink More Glurp (Nintendo Switch) Review

By James Grech 17.11.2020

Review for Drink More Glurp on Nintendo Switch

Welcome to the Olympics, sponsored by Glurp. This epic event is where the most hardened of athletes compete for gold and glory, and the only thing stopping these bulbous competitors from achieving success is… bomb shoes? Developed by CATASTROPHIC_OVERLOAD and published by Yogscast Games, Drink More Glurp is a wacky party game where players compete as an awkward athlete to finish mini-events sponsored by the most outrageous companies, with even more outrageous boons. Players use wild physics to compete against the online leaderboards or up to 20 local players in a 'pass the remote' style system.

There are only two modes in Drink More Glurp: a single-player mode to tackle each event and try to achieve the highest score, and the party mode, where up to 20 players can compete in couch co-op in a random series of events. The mini-game variety herein is plentiful. From getting to the end of the track to making the furthest long jump possible, these events are simple on paper. The twist? Most events are sponsored by witty fictional companies that create random effects that alter these events. From Turbo Glove, which gives players literal jetpack hands, to Bombs Away, a hot sauce brand that give the athlete's steps an explosive push.

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These sponsors are super stylish, packing in pun-filled humour and adding diversity to the gameplay.
Events combine different trials with different sponsors to supply plenty of challenge. This does
mean, however, that these events can be more annoying then fun. The clumsy Octodad-like controls
and the random gameplay manipulation mean that most events are tedious to get through. Replays
of the top-ranked players are available to watch but replicating them takes time, skill and in most
cases, dumb luck.

Finishing these challenges rewards a customisation option for the blob-like competitor, and though
there are some great nods to popular games amongst the unlockable headgear, the reward is not
worth the challenge. Despite a slick design, it's easy to lose interest in these challenges. The party mode is likewise a let-down. Despite being playable by up to 20 people with just one Joy-Con, this turn-based, local-player-only mode just does not have the appeal to keep you coming back for more.
There are more fun things to do with 20 friends. With no online modes, seasoned players have no
way to compete against people with similar skill level.

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Rated 4 out of 10


Although Drink More Glurp is colourful, creative, and funny at times, it's just not that fun. A competitive player may find joy in replaying challenges over and over, but with mediocre rewards, frustrating level design, and no online modes, Drink More Glurp just doesn't make it to the finish line. Charm and silliness aside, this is a party game that does not bring the party.




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