Yumeutsutsu Re:Master (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 09.12.2020

Review for Yumeutsutsu Re:Master on Nintendo Switch

Kogado Studio are slowly creating a catalogue of superb Yuri visual novels on Nintendo Switch that focus on a specific career, and Yumeutsutsu Re:Master is a part of that, published by Degica. Set in a world where men don't seem to exist at all, the life of Ai is followed from the moment she joins a game team in the city in order to become reacquainted with her younger sister Kokoro. Eureka games, the team Ai joins, has an extremely eclectic staff who become a huge part of Ai's life, becoming her support while Kokoro's coldness towards Ai is unrelenting. Meanwhile, Ai also gets to grips with the gaming world she has limited knowledge of.

Despite the single route explored for this review, having what must be one of the worst endings in the entire game as no one becomes Ai's girlfriend, enough of the story was experienced to grow attached to the unique staff members. From the drink-loving, possibly alcoholic boss, the small in stature but untamed in personality writer, the maid-obsessed part timer, the military artist, to the boss' Saint Bernard who becomes one of Ai's responsibilities, Ai is thrown in at the deep end in a world she knows little about. There are some open questions as to the way Ai got the job, which is incredible, considering her distinct lack of skills in the gaming industry. It is therefore unsurprising how mundane her initial tasks are - even she herself questions why she is doing them, but Ai puts in the effort to be an official dog walker because it is her sole chance to get closer to Kokoro. It is a realistic reminder that a lot of careers - especially in the entertainment and gaming industry - mean starting right at the bottom, doing work that is simple and may seem meaningless, although not in the case of Ai.

Canine duties are the beginning of Ai's game production career. The depth of how Yumeutsutsu Re:Master dives into the gaming industry means even those with little knowledge of how a game is made can appreciate the variety of stages involved in the process and how different teams need to work together, sometimes thinking outside the box, other times sticking with tried and tested protocols.

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Without a doubt, not all about making a game is included in Ai's turbulent start to her new career; there is plenty of drama that is probably not all fictional, but seeing Ai's self-confidence increase as time passes and her mistakes slowly decrease is a testament to Ai's strength of character and her love for Kokoro. Each character she works with on the project has a distinct personality that impacts on Ai's view of her new career and tries to help her figure out her relationship with Kokoro.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Ai's younger sister's ice queen act. Kokoro does her utmost to ignore Ai despite being so close to her in proximity. Unfortunately, the story route that unfolded meant the mystery was not solved by the end, leaving it up to the player to imagine exactly what circumstances led to Kokoro severing ties with Ai after their parents' relationship ended. Kogado introduces the idea into Yumeutsutsu Re:Master that a man is not needed to conceive life as both the parents are female, an intriguing notion that adds a lot to think about in the plot. The inevitable company day out on the beach and other inevitable clichés fail to detract from the overall sense of fun of the tale, enhanced by the superb voice acting that makes for a compelling story even in the darker moments.

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Regardless of which ending is first discovered, Yumetsutsu Re:Master is a fascinating visual novel that throws light on life within the gaming industry and the complicated relationship of two sisters. The hours spent lost in the tale are rewarded with a gallery of scenes and a few videos to collect which necessitates further play, an act that will not become boring with the mystery of whether the sisters will reunite in the best ending to aim for.






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