Absolute Drift (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Athanasios 17.12.2020

Review for Absolute Drift on Nintendo Switch

It's hard to imagine a racer that doesn't incorporate a drifting mechanic in some form, with some titles even making it one of the key components, with realistic rally games, or those with a heavy arcade feel requiring you to master the craft. How many revolve solely on drifting, though? Funselektor Labs Inc. saw the lack of such a thing, and crafted Absolute Drift; a challenging… err, drifting sim, where the goal isn't to win races, but to accumulate points through gracefully sliding around tiny tracks, doing all sorts of tricks… and more often than not, failing.

There's only one thing here, and one thing only: drifting. There are no opponents to beat, no timer to race against - this is all about gaining points by drifting, and then getting more points by increasing the multiplier, which again depends on drifting, as well… as being mindful of the walls. You get bonus points for drifting close to striped posts, hitting boxes, and following the red tracks that can be found in many tracks. Drifting, drifting, drifting, and then even more drifting. Now, depending on one's experience with said technique, the challenge ranges from 'very tough,' to "oh, my god, I simply can't do this!"

Yes, Absolute Drift can be insanely irritating. In fact, the first hours will mostly be that, with little enjoyment to be found, as it will mostly feel like training, rather than playing an actual game that's meant to be difficult, but also entertaining, with the main reason being how steep the learning curve is, not to mention that you aren't really given any tips on how to play better, aside from a couple of general directions in the first or so tracks that say things like "If overturning, try slowing down." Also keep in mind that this uses a fixed isometric perspective, so those who hate tank controls should better stay away.

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It's important to note that there's little joy in failure here. Whereas the fantastic Lonely Mountains: Downhill can be equally frustrating (even more so in fact), there was always a feeling of progress while playing - not to mention that gameplay was simply better, as there were more things to do than simply drifting. In other words, be prepared for spinning out or slamming into walls for a great deal of time, and not enjoying it. Weirdly enough, players who'll press on will soon reach that moment where it all clicks together, and drifting becomes their second nature. It's that moment, where you are "in the zone," when Absolute Drift starts to feel really good to play.

That being said, the fun won't last for long. This is one of those titles that are great for spending some time on a boring evening, or something, but do not really have enough meat on them to make you keep coming back to. Completionists will love doing all the little challenges available, and getting all car types, paints, and decals, but the rest will soon realise that a driving game that's all about drifting just isn't that exciting. The perfect analogy is how the minimalist visuals, and generic "Garage Mode" dance track list are decent enough… but will soon bore you to death, due to lack of variety.

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It's really sad that the learning curve is so massive that it acts like a wall that keeps most players from enjoying this. It's sad, because those who'll persevere, and manage to reach that 'Zen' level of razor-sharp precision, are the only ones who can really understand how exciting Absolute Drift can be. That being said, when a game is all about drifting, the fun factor won't last for long.


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