SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Luke Hemming 23.02.2021

Review for SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium on Nintendo Switch

The often overlooked Neo Geo Pocket has seen somewhat of a resurgence of late, with many of its biggest hits being slowly drip-fed onto the Nintendo Online store. With many players beginning to discover what potential for handheld gaming goodness the Pocket had, it was inevitable that arguably one of the biggest titles released on the platform would become available for the more modern Nintendo Switch. The question is: does it hold up as expected, or was this 2D fighter being looked at through Rose-coloured glasses? (Yes, that was a Street Fighter reference).

SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium uses a simple premise to bring the strongest competitors of each franchise together for a scrap for the ages - the millennium, even. Resident Evil-doers Geese and M. Bison host an open tournament luring both the SNK and Capcom crew with the promise of a lump sum payout and the title of 'World's Mightiest'. Behind the scenes, Geese and Bison look to capture the biggest and brightest and convert them into mindless super soldiers. Plot isn't what drives a 2D fighter, but its good to see some attention paid to providing some context as to why everybody is kicking lumps out of each other.

With an initial roster of around 18 characters - and more to unlock through the various modes available - players are likely to find at least one or two fan favourites to choose from (when using Ken gets too boring, of course). King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, Darkstalkers and of course Street Fighter are all represented here and due to the limitations of the handheld at the time, represented all in Chibi, everyone's favourite exaggerated sprite form. What initially may feel like a jarring choice works really well when on screen with each fighter given all the necessary tweaks to allow instant recognition, regardless of any lacking graphics. Everyone stands out, and especially in the scenes between battles, looks great. The dialogue so often found in these titles is also a delight, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous due to writing and translation. All of this adds to an already charming title.

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With the problem of graphical limitations firmly solved, the question may be asked if SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium on a two-button handheld could deliver the complexities and combos of its bigger console cousins. Of course, players aren't going to get the same level of control as pulling out a custom joystick and prepping for an Evo tournament, but in all aspects, the combat works. A quarter rotation will deliver all the moves you expect and more importantly, with the precision expected also. Throws, rolls and counters are all present. It's frankly astonishing how much you can do with a limited set of inputs. Don't expect to waltz through the modes available by button-mashing as quickly as possible; victory is only achieved by careful consideration and timing. As with most titles made by these giants, the last few battles really test the player's mettle.

All modes are accompanied by a soundtrack encompassing classic character themes represented in glorious 16-bit goodness. Compositions have been perfectly transferred to a smaller scale and pop vividly alongside the lovingly recreated on-screen Neo Geo interface, along with its many custom borders around whatever is being played. There's no doubt that fans of the series will instantly recognise the tunes that remain faithful to any previous efforts despite their reinterpretation here.

For a handheld title, no skimping has occurred in terms of modes available. Besides the standard 1v1, the 3v3 mode is also very fun, as well as the swap-in/swap-out 2v2 tag team mode. Mandatory training and also an interesting Olympic mode are also included. Cameo appearances from many other franchise stars also complete a surprisingly diverse, easter-egg laden mini-game section. From first-person shooters to a unique take on the car crush mini-game to a Dance Dance Revolution style distraction, a lot of hours can easily be spent cruising towards that elusive high score.

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For any newcomers to the Neo Geo resurgence occurring on the Nintendo Switch right now, it can seem a bit daunting deciding exactly where to set up your stall and enter the fray. Rest assured, the decision is made here with SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium being a choice that does not disappoint. Back during its release in 1999, the collaboration between these two giants was monumental and even now in 2021, its clear to see how much love was put into its creation. With a diverse, full roster, great sound and graphics as well as a variety of modes to keep players returning, it's never been a better time to begin your Neo Geo library.









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