Abomi Nation (PC) Review

By Eric Ace 29.12.2021

Review for Abomi Nation on PC

Hard to believe Pokémon is over 25 years old. What started as a humble game on the Game Boy, exploded into a type of gaming cultural staple. It should be no surprise that many gamers found the basic game too easy and came up with various challenges to impose on themselves. Others have copied the formula, and Abomi Nation does not stray far, except in the fact it is styled heavily after a 'challenge mode' fans would try on Pokémon instalments. The biggest one included permanent death…

For those that are unaware, in the Pokémon community there are many different types of challenges done to make the experienceharder (and also make it more interesting for streamers/watchers). Of these, there is one called 'Nuzlocke' which has a series of rules, but one of them is if a Pokémon is ever knocked, it is considered dead, and is thus "removed." Abomi Nation features that prominently as part of its design.

The overall game is very simplistic - graphic-wise, in terms of maps, when it comes to combat, and generally everything. Styled as a 'roguelike' (though to be perhaps a bit cynical it seems like half the games out these days tout this tag) where the maps are random, players must battle through to try to beat the game while not losing anyone. Battles are handled in a simple affair of taking turns, picking basic or elemental moves, doing some damage, and trying to outlast the other monster. The graphics are completely bare bones. hile the monsters may or may not look cute to some, the backgrounds and 'world' are barely one step above a single plane of colour.

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One of its strengths is ironically its writing and story. Don't expect anything like a great space opera, but there is some good discussion about the nature of sacrifice and death of comrades that totally belies the innocent appearance. In contrast, the weakness of this is that it still feels like a beta version in many ways. Some of these include a button mapping that doesn't work, lack of controller support, and other small issues like how slow battle attack animations are. Monsters start with three to four moves, but most of them are simply worse versions of themselves, which defeats a lot of the point.

Those looking for a monster-gathering challenge will probably be surprised by how this is it fairly competent. It is nothing mind-blowing or revolutionary, but it stays in the genre fairly well and gives players what they want. The real issues are simply if things could be customized better, faster speeds, and controls that work would go a very long way. What makes it hard to recommend though, is it doesn't do anything that good. Its ok, and ticks the right boxes, but it is not going to draw in that many players beyond a very narrow scope.

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Abomi Nation actually plays better than it looks. What really holds it back is simply optimization and settings that largely don't work. The combat is simplistic, with many moves being useless. One of the advantages is a story that actually is better than might be deigned simply from the pictures. Fans of the challenge mode will likely enjoy it, and with a few patches under them, expect the experience to improve. Other than those looking for something exactly like this, most will be put off by too many other things.


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