OlliOlli World (Xbox Series X/S) Review

By Neil Flynn 23.04.2022

Review for OlliOlli World  on Xbox Series X/S

Side-scrolling skating series OlliOlli has been perhaps one of the more under rated indies in the past decade, something that PlayStation Vita fans would more than likely scream out about given that the franchise launched on there first. Both the original OlliOlli and OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood were certainly addictive titles, especially for those looking to get high scores and to 100% complete them. That is no easy task, as while the OlliOlli series is relatively easy to approach, they are also hard to master, or at least that was the case until OlliOlli World. Seven years in the making, OlliOlli World changes up the pixel-worked art style, and swaps it out for a gorgeous hand-drawn vibrant cartoony one - furthermore, developer Roll7 has refined the difficulty. But are all these changes for the best?

One of the major differences from its predecessors is that OlliOlli World has inserted a story, as well as a supporting cast of characters to guide the player through its vast number of worlds and levels. Each level opens with dialogue which pushes the narrative along, and introduces new mechanics and challenges gradually to help ensure that players aren't put off by the notoriously harder difficulty of the originals. You can design your own skater with a plethora of costumes, accessories, poses and body types, more of which are unlocked along the way.

The graphical art style will be admired by most, and despised by a few who will yearn for the traditional pixel style that the series was known for. However, the new art style creates room for more progressive levels by adding in a depth of field allowing for multiple paths and a flow that at some points feels akin to Rayman Legends.

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Part of the difficulty in the original instalments, was the controls, as well as the relentless traps set in the path. OlliOlli World still has these obstacles, and they will still get in the way, but it is just more forgiving. For example, stairs can now be incorporated into combos and progression from level to level isn't dependent on clearing all the objectives from the previous stage. The same could be applied to executing and landing moves, where landing one wrong move doesn't cause the player to bail, but instead just score fewer points than if they landed it perfectly.

Checkpoints are scattered throughout levels, but there are rewards for those that manage to complete the run without having to use them. It might not be worth getting too hung up on the earlier levels, as some of these objectives and challenges would be easy to come back and complete once more progress has been made through the story, although this is entirely optional of course.

Screenshot for OlliOlli World  on Xbox Series X/S

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Forgiving it may be, but OlliOlli World has heaps of challenges to complete, and getting through all of the objectives in the last level is no easy feat. The new hand-drawn graphical art style makes it easier to have branching paths and a better sense of depth than ever before, which allows for grander levels and more mechanics to be added. The controls are simple enough, and quick reactions will be needed to fully master all the levels by stringing together one long-combo throughout. An absolute joy to play, and while it is different from the original two, its evolution was much needed to bring the title forward to the current generation of consoles.




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