Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality (PlayStation 4) Review

By Luke Hemming 04.06.2022

Review for Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality on PlayStation 4

Developer Maze Theory already treated fellow Whovians to Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, providing a satisfying and most importantly Doctor-esque romp through space and time. Unfortunately for a lot of gamers, this TARDIS trek (there are going to be a lot of these) was only available in VR. Thankfully with the release of Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality on multiple systems, everybody can enjoy the original tale, with fans of the first game getting drawn back with new content and fresh faces.

Building upon the pillars formed in the first title, The Edge of Time sets players as a stand-in companion of the 14th Doctor, played excellently as always by Jodie Whittaker in a committed, non-phoned in performance. As most gamers and TV addicts would understand, a full filming schedule isn't going to allow the Doc to be standing with you at all times leading you by the hand, but there is a sufficient amount from her to be satisfying - just be aware of the convenient… [insert reason for why I'm not around] trope. Once into the swing, it becomes the assignment to save the universe, fly the TARDIS, and deal with some classic Who villains, old and new. Basically, exactly what most want.

It's important to mention early on that if you have previously completed the Edge of Time, around two thirds of the experience is pretty much the same here. With the freedom of movement, however, there is a lot more to do and what feels like a lot more action sequences taking place. The events of the story do unfold the same, however, and if you didn't enjoy it before, the added movement and drawn-out sequences aren't likely to sway that opinion. With that said, everything has been improved.

Collecting relics is still by far the best thing to do when moving from scenario to scenario. From an overly long scarf to an oddly handled umbrella, anything found is likely to raise a smile for even the most casual of fans. With the range of movement and what often feels like tacked on areas, though, this still feels very much like a ported VR title. For newcomers this won't be an issue, as they will have no basis for comparison, although they still may feel the awkwardness in some sections.

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If playing with any kind of love for Doctor Who (and honestly, why wouldn't you be?), you are sure to be delighted with the set pieces on offer throughout. From not blinking to taking on a Dalek fleet, if you can name a classic conflict, it's likely there will be some interaction. The Weeping Angels sections are particularly harrowing (as they should be), and its in these moments where Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality really shines; unsettling at all times, quickly leading to a tense, rushed escape. The latter half of the game leans towards more action orientated scenarios, giving something for everyone, but it's clear that developer Maze Theory knows how to use the source material to full effect. The Angels are certainly a highlight, and are just as effective in Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins, another great title from the team.

The brand-new content kicks in for the third act, and does provide a satisfying conclusion for previous players who felt the ending they got previously was rushed. Maybe this was the plan all along. With the universe safe from reality altering viruses, in pops David Tennant! Spoilers Sweetie! (last one, honest). David Tennant - he does tend to be more of a caricature at times, spouting Allon-sy more often than anything plausible or useful. Tennant will always be a draw and seeing him dart about the screen, fully realised if a little stiff, is a delight. His sections wrap up everything nicely and really are a reason to pick this title up, feeling like the missing piece of the puzzle.

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For players experiencing Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality, an enjoyable adventure with a real 'Who' feel is likely to satisfy all. Maze Theory is doing some fantastic work across the board with all the titles it has released around the franchise. For players who picked up the original, however, this is a bit of a harder sell. Having a fully fleshed out Tennant, and a satisfying conclusion, are probably the biggest draws but there is always that underlying feeling of some things being drawn out for the sake of it. Think of a dangling plot thread hanging for seasons at a time. Not that Doctor Who would ever do that of course. *Cough*Fugitive Doctor*Cough*


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