Asdivine Kamura (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Nayu 30.06.2022

Review for Asdivine Kamura on Nintendo Switch

The Asdivine series is a popular role-playing game from EXE-CREATE and KEMCO, with Asdivine Kamura released on the Nintendo Switch November 2019. The Spirit Deity Shiki, whose purpose is to protect all those in the world, both human and non-human creatures, wakes on a beach in a world that he recognises yet has been significantly changed by the highly judgemental and powerful Zaddes. Shiki sets out to regain his lost powers by collecting spirit orbs so he can defeat Zaddes and return the world to how it should be alongside helping those he meets on the way, like young Koyuki who is found on the same beach as Shiki and who is searching for her parents who were lost at sea.

While playing the series in order may help understanding of the overall story, diving into Asdivine Kamura as the first Asdivine game is not an issue because all important elements and characters are explained in due course. The extensive help system alongside the story can be recalled from the menu at any time, although occasionally even with the story at the finger tips, finding where to go next requires exploration of areas and talking to NPCs. Although microtransactions exist it is for a few DLC which make the game easier for those who don't necessarily want to put a lot of effort into grinding to improve party stats, they by no means detract from the fun that this title brings to Nintendo Switch.

Shiki's altruistic nature sets him in good stead for the story. No matter the problem, his compassionate characteristics mean he helps everyone he crosses paths with, even those like team-mate Ayame who is resolute in seeking revenge on Shiki for her grandfather's death. Her clear-cut views on right and wrong means that while she hates Shiki with all her heart, it doesn't sit right that the arrogant Zaddes judges what is allowed to exist in a world that rightly belongs to Shiki, so she delays meting out her judgement for a time, giving Shiki valuable time to win her around to his cause. It is through his actions with various scenarios encountered that win over the unusual band of women and break their initial disbelief over his true identity which he learns to keep hidden from those he meets if he is to avoid unnecessary conflict.

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Characters are central to any game, and in Asdivine Kamura there is one for everyone to admire. Ayame may be vengeful but she is highly sensitive to any hint of criticism about how short she is, providing much needed humour when the overall story is tense. Koyuki is a constant companion to Shiki; she is a child, yet so serious it can be easy to forget that. From time to time Shiki coaxes out Koyuki's youthfulness by throwing her in the air which she enjoys, making sure she does express her emotions instead of bottling them up. For much of the game she can't be in the main party but pokes her head out in battle so her abilities can be used to aid the party by pressing a button at the right time. No matter what happens to the group, Shiki always makes sure Koyuki is protected, highlighting his guardianship to all those in the world. Another equally memorable character is Sakura. Similar to Ayume's stature sensitivity, Sakura has a passion for eating monsters. She doesn't understand why no one else likes what she considers a delicacy, providing a long running joke which remains funny every time they meet a new party member or a key character, as she cooks up monsters and they get sick from it. It seems appropriate that her weapon is a rice scoop, and she is a priestess.

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The final party member, Shiranui, feels she is in love with Shiki and does all she can to protect him, especially from those who seek to harm him and is the last one to join the group. Aside from Zaddes, this includes brother and sister Givol and Addie who are connected to Zaddes and appear at the most random times. Addie's mysterious inability to speak becomes an important plot twist that Givol is determined to solve. Finally, there is the mysterious Leuke who is associated with Zaddes and whose true nature is carefully hidden until the game's end.

Each of Shiki's companions has a special ability that can be used in the field to unblock paths. The strength of those abilities can be increased through improving relationships with them at certain points of the game when Shiki's reply to them has multiple choices. Thankfully the ability to save at any time means it is easy to go back to a previous save file if the answer lowers the friendship bond. There are some obstacles that simply can not be overcome early on, encouraging further exploration in the later game. All characters have detailed designs - no matter how much the Nintendo Switch's zoom feature is used, the details in the characters and objects don't get blurry.

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A multitude of side quests are available but most are optional so can be ignored if only the main story is the focus. It is advisable to complete at least a couple of them not only to help the party level up and gain useful items, but also to provide greater insight into individual character stories and how various towns regard Shiki. Closer to the end each main character has a quest for Shiki to fulfil that quite possibly affects which ending is achieved. Asdivine Kamura has temporary team mates, harbingers, that are like friendly monsters who can be summoned in battle to aid the team. There are limits to their use, and while not a necessary part of gameplay on the easiest difficulty, they will probably help turn the tide for harder settings.

The variety of weapons to strengthen and level up provides fun throughout the game. Deciding which aspects of a weapon will benefit playstyle the most is important to check periodically. The choice to finetune what goes into an upgrade is something even novice gamers can enjoy. The battle system uses a grid which requires some strategy to use abilities to the maximum, but all foes can be defeated whatever game plan is used. There is the usual means of transport on foot and by boat but instead of an airship a phoenix is used in the late game and flying through the sky brings unrivalled joy, resulting in time spent flying aimlessly over the lands for pure fun.

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The incredible story twists in Asdivine Kamura have a 'wow' factor; whenever they occur both more mystery is added to the plot and to some extent everything makes more sense. They keep coming even after the final fight, proving that the story is not over until the credits roll. There are multiple endings to unlock which extends the replayability, and whether an ending is truly happy or sad is dependent on individual interpretation. It is a solid entry in both the Asdivine series and KEMCO's game library.






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