Ankora: Lost Days (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Athanasios 16.11.2022

Review for Ankora: Lost Days on Nintendo Switch

Ankora: Lost Days follows a junior space ranger as she tries to survive after a crash on a planet. While it is supposed to be a light-survival kind of experience, it's anything but, as the few hours one can spend here revolve around collecting stuff to craft stuff, without any of the urgency or danger (or skill) usually associated with survival games. Even for those who want something a bit more casual, this is probably way too casual.

Space ranger Mûn crash-landed on a jungle planet of sorts, and must now find the pieces of her spacecraft and then repair it. She will meet various natives, which she will help in order for them to help her, which usually means getting a brand-new tool that will help Mûn on her quest. This grid-based adventure is basically a craft-a-thon. It's supposed to be a survival, adventure game, but no, it's all about acquiring resources, and then using said resources to build the necessary tools to proceed deeper into the forest. The problem is that it's not really a matter if thinking how to progress, but a matter of simply doing it.

You need to build a staircase to go down to a lower tile? Cut some trees with the saw then use another tool to create the stairs - that's it! The same happens with the rest of the tools, whether that's the rock-breaking pickaxe, or the shovel that makes it possible to increase/decrease the height of a block of soil. In other words, there's no thought process involved. If you are sort on resources, and these aren't anywhere near, you usually need to run back a couple of screens in order to collect them, buy them from a merchant, or get them in the form of enemy drops… after taking part in the most simplistic battles ever.

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Occasionally this little cutie must rest or grab a bite, as each action takes a bit of her energy. This again is something that requires no skill. You either use a tent, cook something to eat, or simply munch on some raw goodies. As mentioned earlier, the survival aspect of Ankora is non-existent. This is mostly a test of patience. Nothing here needs skill, just time. You don't have the necessary tool or resource that you need to proceed? Then you need to waste time in order to go from A to B in order to get it… and build a couple of stairs along the way.

The bulk of the experience is really about wondering around trying to find the best way to reach a specific location on the map. Those with a good memory, or a handy notebook right next to them, will reach the end in no time. The rest will simply run around trying to remember where to go. Whether you belong in the first group or the second, Ankora: Lost Days is far from a big recommendation. From the story to the visuals, to the actual moment-to-moment gameplay, this is a mediocre experience at best.

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It's hard to get invested with what Ankora: Lost Days has in store. The story and the characters junior ranger Mûn will meet are just… there, the visuals are bright and colourful, but in the end totally forgettable, and the gameplay is all about wasting time while trying to find the necessary resources that can help the little heroine craft the tools that will help her keep on exploring, with fun not being a part of the equation.









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