Succubus With Guns (PC) Review

By Athanasios 19.11.2022

Review for Succubus With Guns on PC

Another day, another bazillion of "ecchi-themed" Steam releases. Hand-picked from the pile, for your reading pleasure, Succubus With Guns - a game where you play as a Succubus, and… err, shoot stuff with guns. Those who have delved into this side of PC gaming know what to expect. It's a Unity-made title, with stock-looking "anime" characters, with the sexiness on offer revolving around scantily clad girls, and breast physics that defy the laws of nature. As for the action itself, well, as mentioned before: another day, another bazillion of "ecchi-themed" Steam releases.

Two anime cuties (sort of) do some sort of magic-thingy in front of an altar with a pentagram on it. While you gaze at their badly animated "dance," a buffoon of a man trips in front of the altar, turning everyone into zombies or something. Then you see the Succubus waking up in her hellish room. She grabs a very non-hellish-looking rifle, and starts shooting at some green glob monsters on a short tutorial level. So far, you don't know anything about the story - and you don't need to. This is basically a series of levels, with each one throwing the Succubus on an arena to shoot (or hack and slash) wave after wave of enemies.

Extremely repetitive. There's not much to do besides running backwards, shooting, and reloading, with only a small collection of generic weapons available, and none of them feeling good to use. There's no challenge either. Enemies are kind of fast, so players will spend lots of time running away, turning to shoot a few bullets, only to run some more. It's not hard, however, just time consuming. Oh, the Succubus is dead? Worry not. Just grab those red orbs after death, and you are resurrected for one more round. Maybe the challenge is to endure the boredom.

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As expected, there's also a general lack of polish. Apart from the audio-visuals which are below mediocre like most "adult" games are, the controls and the overall balance of it all is far from good. Aiming feels kind of… slippery, as the cursor does what it wants at times, and the damage is all over the place, with the sword in particular being extremely weak for the bullet-spongy enemies that the Succubus will get to battle.

The flaws would be easier to stomach if this was fun. It isn't. It's an extremely simplistic attempt at a third-person shooter, which tries to survive on sexiness alone - and it's not even good when it comes to that part, as the developer, once again, didn't even try. The semi-nude Succubus is laughable in her design, and the fact that half of the "bestiary" consists of half-dressed girls with bouncy tatas doesn't make this worthy of its "sexy" tag. Just play Haydee 2. You are welcome.

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Rated 2 out of 10

Very Bad

Don't wait for a bargain bin sale. Don't accept it as a gift. Succubus With Guns is one more trashy "NSFW" game, like the thousands of others that can be found on Steam. It's a boring, repetitive, and sloppily crafted third-person shooter, where players shoot wave after wave of enemies, getting sleepier by the minute. The breast physics are hilarious for like a second.


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