Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Luke Hemming 10.02.2023

Review for Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden on Nintendo Switch

With such a short time in existence, Voice of Cards has quickly gained a cult following in its simple but immensely playable stripped-down RPG. Now already on its third title, is enough brought to the (card) table to encourage 'veterans' to deck themselves out for another adventure (all card-based puns this one) or will it be a case of throwing the same gameplay and features at players in spades.

A little history lesson before we begin. House of Cards functions as a traditional RPG containing all of the fan favourite elements that would be expected of the genre. Turn based battles, over the top, moody characters and exotic locations are all present. The difference, this is all played out by uncovering cards laid out of a simulated deck. Sounds a bit boring right? Same here. In truth, such a streamlined approach means the best parts of traditional RPGS get to shine and the gameplay becomes almost obsessive with players desperate to uncover every card on the board.

In terms of the battle system, Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden follows the same method as previous titles with cards 'battling' using traditional commands and a dice-based system with rolls inflicting status effects, boosting characters and changing battle circumstances. The big difference this from previous titles are the beasts of the titles. Instead of equipping skills to your characters 'deck', Allies can be made of enemies and their skills used in battle. Dependent on your feelings, collection of these beasties can either be a fun game of chance or a frustrating distraction. Many are acquired in chests at the end of a battle and choosing the right one can be essential. Great fun for chancers but for others, a frustrating disappointment receiving yet another potion after a hard-fought victory.

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As is the custom for a JRPG, don't expect too much fun from the story, gripping and enthralling as it is, if already in a low mood, this certainly won't brighten your day. Most characters met are racked with either guilt or long-suffering torment that they have no issues sharing on a regular basis. In its 20-30 hours of gameplay not a whole lot brightens their mood either. The narrative mainly focuses on a tale of loss and revenge. Depressing as it is, the story is one of the highlights and it's amazing to believe that you can come to care for what is essentially a drawing on a card (though the art on every card is a major attraction and highlight in itself).

Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden does very well in creating a world that is fascinating to be a part of when essentially the main hours will be spent flipping over card after card to see another picture of a river of sand dune. Villages are full of the usual shops for items and armour but as previously mentioned, the artwork of everything is so beautiful that the world building takes care of itself. Add to this each character met having a personality of their own with no phoned in voice performances. If there were to be, a lot could have been lost about what makes this game great.

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Even though an RPG lover since an early age, the thought of a stripped down, bare bones experience raised a lot of questions. The answer, however, is that Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden is an absolute treat on a handheld console. Easy to pick up and bash out for a quick half hour but still allowing you to fall in love with a beautiful world and its cast of characters as well as retaining every factor that makes an RPG great. There is certainly no burden giving this one your time.


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